A Quick Look at Wi-Fi Cloud Printing

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You couldn’t effectively operate an office, these days, without technology.  Indeed, technology has vastly improved efficiency and efficacy in the workplace today.  One of the greatest technological advances we use in the office, today, is wi-fi; and one of the best uses of wi-fi in the office is 123ink.ca cloud printing.

Wi-Fi Cloud Printing is Convenient

Wi-Fi cloud printing is very convenient because, for one, anyone can connect to the printer at any time. Another way to look at it is to note that you don’t need to plug the printer into the computer that has the document you want to print; and you will not need to unplug this cable and plug it into another computer when you want to use a different one.

As a matter of fact, you do not even need to print from a computer when you use wi-fi cloud printing.  Indeed you can print any document through cloud printers from any device that you can connect to the wi-fi network.  Mobile phones, for example, can connect to the wi-fi and then, if you have the right app installed, you can find the printer you want to use and send documents directly from your phone to the printer.  Apple iOS and Google Android devices have different settings for this, so you’ll have to investigate how to set it up on your particular phone.

Wi-Fi Cloud Printing Issues

Of course, just because wi-fi technology can be very beneficial for you, there may be some issues you could encounter.  Printing problems are common, in general, since this machine has lots of moving parts; but wi-fi can also have its own share of obstacles to overcome.

For one, older printers may not be have the ability to update to a new enough operating system or driver set to install the proper software that can connect with a wi-fi printer.  If you can update the drivers you should definitely do that!  Also, you want to make sure that you have the most updated version of your web browser on the phone or computer from which you want to print.

Wi-Fi networks, too, can experience signal disruption.  If your computer or phone is not connecting to the printer you should check on the network signals. In addition, you want to make sure that you assigned the proper default printer for all print jobs.