Complete guide to identity theft preventions

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Identity theft is using someone’s personal information for your own benefits. It can be use of personal security number, bank account details and use of different types of credit cards. Nowadays, identity theft is done by different means like stealing bank information through e-mails. It can be also done by stealing personal information from different workplace. It has become very important to protect all digital and non-digital information very effectively.

Read the given guidelines that can help you in avoiding identity theft-

Do not share personal information – for Identity Theft Prevention you should never share your personal information and account details over phone call. Sometimes, you might get different frauds calls, who pretend to be bank employees. If they are ask to share all your personal information, you should be very careful and never share any information with them.

Destroy pre-approved credit cards – if you have cancelled your credit card, you should destroy them completely by using shedder machine. You should also destroy its bank statements, because it contains all your bank details and personal information.

Guard you e-mail account – nowadays, you might get different emails, which are full of scam. You should also use antivirus and different firewall options to prevent your email account from different scams.

Keep regular check on bank statement – if you have made any payment or issued any money bill, you should check your bank statement. It will make sure that, the payment has been done to the right person or it has been diverted.

Check your contact information and bank details very carefully because sometimes scammers might change your contact information to divert payments.

Use shopping websites with caution – before making payment to any online order, check the website properly. While entering you might be using ghost web page, this will transfer all your personal information to scammers.

Quick tips to keep your information secure

  • Always use tricky passwords for making online payment. Be careful before you disclose your location online to any website.
  • Be very careful while using the webcams, sometimes hacker might hack your webcam and keep monitoring you. They can get all the personal information by hacking webcam.
  • Keep your system and antivirus up to date. This will reduce the risk of losing identity information. You can use dedicated software for making secure payments by which your card details will be safe.
  • Avoid posting your bank information and personal security number on social media.