How to hang projector screen from ceiling

Tired of arranging tables for your projector? Do you still have to find a perfect angle after setting it about a hundred time? Now you don’t have to worry about all this minor stuff. Because in this article you’ll learn how to hang your projector screen from ceiling.


Mounting projector to your home ceiling is quite a nice idea. Because projectors cause some little problems like if you have kids in your home, probably kids always break things during playing games. Like my little son broke my projector while playing cricket inside the house! Also for cleaning purposes we have to move furniture from several places. So every time when you have to shift things to and fro we lose the perfect angle of view which is the most difficult part. Now a days, mounted projectors are a part of every house hold, offices and classrooms as well.


Once it is mounted successfully, you can monetize your screen simply using a remote control to raise or down the screen view. And for a manual projector, there are some other options, like you can use a pole and hook to set it at perfect point. You’ll study a brief discussion about Manual and Monetized projectors bellow. That’s why I’ll recommend you to hang your projector from the ceiling. To know how? Keep reading.

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Manual Projection Screens VS Automatic Projection ScreensTo purchase projector for your home, office or classrooms you first have to decide which one will be good for you? An automatic one or a manual one? Then you make a list of good and bad things about that stuff. This helps you to find good match for your choice. Because this is not something that you purchase daily. Here are some details of projectors that will help you to figure out what to buy.

Manual Projector Automatic Projector
Manual projector may cause some mechanical problems. Sometimes, the screen jams or breaks after using many times. Automatic Projectors do not carry any mechanism but some electric motors to move the screen. It may need some care and maintenance.
Manual screens are somehow cheaper than the automatic ones. Automatic projectors may cost you some more amount but they offer you an easy to use package.

Materials to Collect First:

Many projectors comes with ceiling-mount brackets in which you mount brackets at first and then you have to put screens. In this study, we are going to discuss such kinds of projectors that are currently used now a days. To start installing you projector to the ceiling collect these items for ease:

  • Ladder: you can use both self-supporter and inclined but self-supporter will be safer and easy to use.
  • Stud Detector: A stud detector is a tool used to detect framing studs. Magnetic and electric both are handy. You can use RF Radar with 3D illustrating pictures.
  • Brackets: A frame type thing that is used to hang several items like projectors. Also called mount brackets wooden or metallic both are easy to install.
  • Screws: You will need screws to mount brackets. Make sure to use steel screws because they are stronger.
  • Cordless Drill: You’ll need to get a cordless drill to make holes in your home ceiling and making a place for screws.
  • Drill Bit: Drill bits are cutting tools to create holes on desired places. Drill bits come with different sizes written on them. Get some suitable ones in accordance with screws.
  • Screwdriver: Again take one of a perfect size.

Steps to Mount Projector Screen

Step 1: Figure out Where to Locate?

In the very beginning you’ll have to find out the best possible place to install your projector. Try placing it at a place where direct sunlight doesn’t hit it. It can cause harm to your expensive projector. Also it will disturb perfect view that you are looking for. Because external light and projector screen do not like each other.

You can find out a place near your furniture placement. Where you get easy to watch your favorite movies and junk. If you are soaring it in office then use the wall against your desk.

You should also have to think about monsoon climate. In case of rain try a place where rain water do not harm the projector or screen.

Step 2:  Ceiling Mounting

  • Position a ladder first just under the desired mounting place ask an adult to hold it for you. Because keeping safety should be your first choice. Read the safety instructions written on ladder label.
  • Here comes the time to use Stud Detector. Use a stud finder to position the ceiling joints.
  • Draw a template to decide predrill holes. Take a card of a piece of paper and mark the distance between bracket screw holes. This will save you from making useless marks on your ceiling whom distinction can harm the beauty of your home.
  • Now, put your templates on and start drawing holes for projector brackets using a drill. Make sure to hold the drill straight vertical. So that screws do not lose their place.
  • Put screws in holes and start your work with screwdriver.
  • As the brackets are mounted successfully, place the projector screen on the brackets. For safer installation read the instructions provided by company because every new thing has its own sensitivity level.


By following the above instructions you’ll be able to make a suitable place for your projector. Read and implement carefully, the safety guidelines and ask an adult for help as it may be difficult for one person. Also, purchase a projector as per your choice if you want manual or automatic. Both are useful for house hold needs. For classrooms, it will be a better and useful material for teaching and study purposes. It will work on offices for presentations. Or you can make a perfect home theatre by purchasing right audio speakers, and enjoy your great moments with family.