Mary Morrissey: A Person Full of Positivity

Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey is a best-selling author, three decades of being a consultant and most of all she is an international speaker. She is famous for her transformational talks that really made many people to be better in their own lives. Every seminar that invites her as a speaker is really worth attending for making her known as personal development speaker and a life coach.

Mary Morrissey also had the chance to speak at United Nations not only once but thrice giving more leaders an advice on how to make their country worth living for by their people. She also met the great Nelson Mandela in South Africa specifically on Cape Town in order to address different problems and issues that many people in the world are facing. She facilitated with His Holiness The Dalai Lama for three long week meetings giving her the chance to visit them.

She is the woman behind the foundation of Life Mastery Institute: The Premiere Transformational Training Company In The World. This is very helpful because it provides certification to different individuals as well as coach training especially to those who also want to be a life coach offering programs that have a system that is proven that is merely based on the principles of spirituality.

Mary Morrissey

Mary Morrissey is a kind of person who never let negative energies ruined her life. She want to have a life that is full of positive thoughts that is why she is teaching and coaching lots of people on how to achieve what she has in order to overcome every challenge of life. For her, there is no reason for us to become affected on the negative things that are happening because those are just tests if we can continue to live and face the challenges.

She opened minds that are slowly closing giving them the chance to see what the beauty of life is. Once you attended any talks of Mary Morrissey, you will realize that you should dream big and pursue what would make you feel happy. There is no reason to stop especially when life is giving you more reasons to continue what you are doing to get what you want. Mary Morrissey is a proof that life is indeed good and there are many reasons to live. She is a woman who would turn dreams into reality. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and in our skills and abilities that we can do anything that we want.

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