Remote interactive education recording and broadcasting system solution

We in the development of this program carefully summed up the needs of users, and strive to get the most advanced, most stable, but also the most full-featured boutique course system to achieve the school to further improve the level of science and education work, the use of advanced multimedia and network technology , To improve the efficiency of science and education resources construction and management, to expand the scale of teaching, to promote the future education of the school information and network of the goal. In the careful study of customer needs on the basis of the following principles, the company organized the professional staff to design a targeted recording and broadcasting system solutions:

1. The economic, practical, advanced, applicable, easy to use as the principle, the system requires easy operation, stable performance, mature; program structure to achieve high performance and low cost; technical aspects of reliability and advanced; system software Platform and a variety of application interface to be friendly, practical, consistent with the daily habits and industry


1. Systematic principles: the system requirements for an organic whole, from the camera front, studio director, recording, live, are seamless convergence, to improve the use of performance, stability, ease of use and maintainability.

2. System design uses the international advanced modular, component, hierarchical design concept, the use of consistent with the development trend of advanced technology and methods to do system details to ensure that in the next few years still dominate;

3. System design in the construction of full consideration of practical, economic principles, for practical applications, can be effectively done step by step, planned to organize the implementation;

4. The system is open and standard, and the standards and specifications adopted conform to uniform international standards or industry standards;

5. From the system structure, technical measures, video conferencing equipment performance, system management, vendor technical support and maintenance capabilities and other aspects, to ensure that the system operation of the reliability and stability;

6. System design to follow the principles of security and confidentiality; system is highly scalable, and easy to operate and maintain a high degree of ease of use principles.

The overall framework of the program

For the requirements of the remote interactive education recording and broadcasting system, the overall architecture of the solution provided by our company is as follows:

Recording and broadcasting system schematics

Remote interactive education recording and broadcasting system, simply to do the scene teachers and remote students can face to face like the exchange, not only to hear the sound, but also to see the image. Recording and broadcasting classroom teachers, student cameras and mixer / hammer collection of teachers and students of audio and video, through the audio and video cable to the signal transmission to the recording and broadcasting host, while collecting the computer through the computer desktop, in addition, through the network interactive platform and Remote interactive classroom connection. Interactive classroom through the interactive platform management system to receive the live music classroom teaching live signal, and the signal output to the interactive classroom display, remote classroom students can accept distance learning, watching the film mode video signal.

Recorded classroom installation of two monitors, respectively, for teachers and students to watch, no interaction for teachers to watch the screen will show Jiugongge state display all remote classroom signal. When the remote side of the students to the music classroom teacher asked questions, the teacher through the remote control to select the classroom, through the camera and sound collection equipment will be collected to the students audio and video transmission to the recording classroom display, the signal will be output to the record Sibu students to watch the screen, this time students will see the distance classroom students interact with the scene, to achieve remote interactive teaching.

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