Some Of The Best Cool Applications Used To The Smartphone

In the present world, android operating system is mostly used in the Smartphone. Android develop more applications to use on their mobiles. The developers are creating the new apps for different use. Using the cool application everyone likes to play the game easily and gives more collection of apps to use. Without the apps, people cannot use the mobile phones. It gives entertainment and it will be updated for each month. Some of the best cool apps are evernote, talking tom, frame photo art filter, space bash, etc.  Evernote is the efficient talking app in the android.  It is used to store the webpage and memos that you want to remember. It can be used to insert pictures, audio and videos in the mobile. You can access the pdf and other options in the offline.  The frame photo art filter apps are used to make your photo into the latest style. Anyone can use this app easily.Image result for Some Of The Best Cool Applications Used To The SmartphoneThe talking tom apps are mostly everyone uses it. This app is used to share your feeling and memories to speak with the Angela. It gives the relaxation to you. It will be discovering the new running styles and to examine the new worlds.  The space bash is the gaming app. It is best automatic app for playing the game and it includes the battles, creative animation and graphics to play the game. The music player application is to play the song with latest version apps. It gives more powerful features for playing the music. There is lots of option to choose which type of song you want to play. The speed cleaner make the phone memory to clean easily and gives to increase the phone usage faster to the user. The magic camera apps are used to take the photo with the flash light in the different styles. It can be able to adjust the focus lens of the camera.