The Best Way to Radically Block Microwave Radiation


It’s time you recognize this simple, yet shocking truth. Everyone in the present world is living in a pool of microwave radiation produced by microwave ovens, Wi-Fi hotspots, and cell phones. This tragic exposure represents one of the highest contributors to human deaths and the telecommunication industry doesn’t want people to know the real truth about electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

The stakes are extremely high. Since the inception of microwave technology, there have been increased cases of autism, cancer, leukemia, and chronic fatigue.

What’s Microwave Radiation?

Microwave radiation is a type of non-iodizing radiation that lies somewhere between radio and infrared frequencies. Therefore, it doesn’t damage your DNA the way gamma and X-rays do. Still, microwaves may obviously cause severe heating effects and can hurt or even kill at extreme energies.

What are the Effects of Microwaves on Human Health?

The human heart and brain depend solely on bioelectrical signals to perform functions their internal functions. And, whether you like it or not, thousands of scientific studies have proven that microwave radiation emitted by baby monitors, ovens, and cell phones- significantly disrupt cellular functions. It’s no wonder many people are developing the Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and several other autoimmune conditions.

Frankly speaking, there’s a biochemical reason why most people are experiencing increased anxiety, irregular heartbeats, memory problems, sleep disorders, and brain fog. 

How to Effectively Block Microwave Signals

Electromagnetic shielding refers to the reduction of electromagnetic waves by blocking the field with conductive or magnetic barriers. Aluminum foil really helps attenuate certain radiations if electrically grounded without touching the skin.  For those who get heavily bombarded by microwave signals from sources such as cell phone towers, using grounded metal sheet blockers can go a long way in reducing the intensity of exposure.

Microwave pollution can muddle thoughts, reduce willpower, entrain emotional states, and maybe even induce fatigue.  The good news is that this effect can be countered; there are two strategies you can use to protect yourself. First, you can learn how to effectively cope with these radiations.  The more you’re able to control your emotions or mind, and the more observant you’re about your behavior, the lesser the effects of EM signals on your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. Being informed is half the battle.

Second, and most important, you can reduce the level of microwave radiation in your house by completely blocking these signals. This procedure involves the use of Faraday cages, but those made of copper are quite complex and expensive to construct. However, the amount of reduction is greatly influenced by the type of material used, its thickness or size, and the frequency electromagnetic fields.

Metal Sheets

If the microwave beams are coming from outside your home, you can minimize the penetration of those energy fields into your house by enclosing your living space with metal sheets. The ideal shielded room should have continuous metal coverings on all the walls, ceiling, and the floor and must then be grounded to earth. The denser the enclosing metal the stronger the shielding.

Aluminized Mylar Blankets

This is actually the simplest and relatively inexpensive way of blocking electromagnetic signals. To reduce microwave energy beams entering your home from neighboring computer router transmitters or Smart Meters, you can cover your interior walls using aluminized Mylar sheeting known as energy blankets.

The aluminized coating is highly conductive to RF waves and will effectively collect some of the energy and prevent it from radiating to the other side of the Mylar Blanket, thus blocking some of the microwave energy.

Aluminum Screen Shielding

Aluminum screening is quite easy to obtain, remarkably inexpensive, and does an incredible job of blocking microwave radiation, even when ungrounded.  If you want to live a healthy life, keep the destructive RF signals out of your home by adopting this strategy.