The Key Things To Understand About The Mobile Application Updates

Among the imperative facets of the mobile or android application development is to determine the apt some time and approach to updating your apps. Being an application developer, you may have recognized the main difference between desktop apps and mobile phone applications. The later have to be upgraded every so often to prevent complaints and install additional features.

This passage continues to be formulated bearing in mind the problems face through the application developers also it addresses aspects for example good reasons to update apps as well as their advantages.


Accredited towards the tech- savvy nature from the users today, the application development information mill trying their finest to maintain the top demands within the iOS application development demesne. When a brand new application is launched, people start mentioning loopholes and filing complaints. There’s no scope for stalling within this very competitive atmosphere. You will have to improve your apps.

Causes of the Android application development

Bug Fix:

Throughout the application development process, the application developers run user testing trails to identify if there’s any bug issue. When an application is launched on the market and used more broadly, these problems are definite to look. Bugs are typical damage that is fixed through the Application updates. Bug fixes don’t hamper the characteristics from the application by any means and be sure that the application works because they were intended to be. Additionally, it keeps its structure intact and prevents it from crashing.


When you should release Bugs Fixes?

You should decide upon an application development company the apt time for you to release an update. Google’s flexible application development policy enables the businesses to produce the updates every time they want. With Microsoft, Apple and Amazon . com the operation is just like within the situation of application development and it is approval. However, it’s the insurance policy of Apple to supply the ability of the quick update within the situation of the potential crash or any critical insecurity issue.

The entire process of getting bug fixes approved could be a time-consuming process, therefore the majority of the application developers attempt to club several updates and bug fixes in one release. The choice ought to be made after thinking about the seriousness of the issue and also the length of you which are struggling with it.

Updating UI:

The entire process of addition and removal of certain features in the application is much more difficult and significant than performing minor bug fixes. For instance, Facebook introduced significant changes using its 3.5 version update, concerning the online privacy policy and the opportunity to share the exterior links. The .5 version updates tend to be more significant than .1 updates.

When you should update UI?

Adding or removing features is definitely an integral part of the android application development. It needs to be done after assessing user complaints and issues. The feedback supplied by you is extremely favorable to adjudge what features ought to be added and featuring ought to be taken off an application.

Major Update:

A significant update for just about any application is a huge release because the application development company adds or removes important features from an application. The main one question that bothers the majority of the application developers is deciding whether or not to to produce major update or if to produce a brand new application. Let’s feel the benefits and drawbacks of releasing a significant update along with a new application to solve the confusion.

Releasing a brand new application:


Make money for the work.

No powerful upgrades that many users complain of.


Users may not always show a desire for purchasing a latest version

Application promotion may be difficult

Releasing a significant update:


Current users don’t have to pay

Application promotion is simple as it doesn’t require any alternation in the hyperlinks.


Powerful upgrades that users hate

The expansion cost needs to be retrieved in the new users

There are lots of questions that the application development company needs to cope with before choosing to release updates. Lots of discernment is needed to make the very best selections for you and themselves.