The Maribaya Lodgein Bandung

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The Maribaya Lodge is the latest attraction for tourist in Lembang, Bandung. The Lodge’s place is one-lane with Maribaya Resort, De Ranch Together with Begonia Flower Park. You do not conquer Maribaya Resort huh

Lately, your timeline can have scattered images of people riding bicycles or playing cycles above the altitude of the hills. Given that is a glance at the Maribaya Lodge. Its place on the highlands and facing new pine trees makes this fascination for tourist have a number of charming photo spots. No need a self-explanatory, the supervisor also prepared a large choice of rides for identifying images, such as swings, to bikes on ropes hanging across the woods. Even though the photo over the high swing is not really large, just the swing is still on the edge of this valley and after it is swung from a certain angle it looks like swinging over the elevation: p In addition into the 2 rides over, you might still find skies trees which are alike at Kalibiru (Jogja). About security, only calm down there’s a security strap, and thus don’t need to be afraid.


Selfie above the mountain altitude is really lively in Indonesia. Destinations for tourist such as Jogja, Bandung, Bali, to Medan vie to provide enchanting selfie spots. Especially in Bandung, the competition was very tight, so therefore the Lodge Maribaya also updated to make a brand-new automobile. Air balloon! But do not be overly happy, the balloons do not go anywhere. Although the balloons have been dipped in the region, the air balloon place is just right for creating pictures with the tops of pine trees which are quieeabiis.

There is one new car, known as Gantole. What is Gantole see pictures for more clarity.

It feels just like a Superman. Besides the two photo places before, The Lodge Maribaya also assembles a wooden home as a place to carry out traditional dance, therefore it is not only a selfie but you also need to learn about arts.

Pines Cafe The Lodge Maribaya

In addition to having a beautiful photo area above, The Lodge Maribaya also provides tents (tents for camping outside, maybe not marquee tents: P) with prices starting from IDR 630,000 per night, the swimming pool tent is distinctive, shaped like orange blossoms.

Should you walk here, get ready to get workout, yes, since the road from one photo spot to the restaurant is actually tired. The way down and up is quite good to earn pegel calf. The entrance ticket price is IDR 15,000 as a cleaning fee, there’s also IDR 20,000 dining voucher which you can swap in the restaurant afterwards.

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