Things That Make WordPress Very SEO Friendly

There is no denying that WordPress has become one of the most significant content management systems across every main platform. WordPress being an open source forum has been formed with MySQL and PHP. Besides being an open source platform, it has acquired some of the outstanding themes as well as plug-ins that results in excellent functionality. You may be a businessman, a designer, an SEO writer or a budding developer, but it is important to get well versed in the website development of WordPress.

Useful tips to make WordPress SEO friendly

It is crucial to focus on developing WordPress and with the help of some of the quick tips given below, you can do so. The WordPress development in London has made several website owners achieve greater heights in terms of success and popularity.

  • Discouragement of search engine

Every website owner wishes to get the pages of his site indexed through the search engines. However, when the website is in the development phase, it is recommended to discourage search engines. As your website is not fully complete, getting registered with search engines is not possible. Therefore, you can accomplish this job by referring to the settings page.

  • Permalink settings

The permalink is nothing but the web address that can be linked to a specific content. The URLs does not change as they are permanent in nature. Therefore, it is termed as permalink and with the help of permalink settings, the default structure of permalink can be chosen. When it comes to options, it can be either customized or chosen through common settings. After making the required changes, you should always save the changes made. When you create custom URLs for permalinks, it maximizes the usability and aesthetics of the links.

  • Configuration of SEO plug-in

It is important to configure SEO plug-ins, especially to make the WordPress SEO friendly, which includes a completely optimized site.

  • XML sitemap3

This is indeed a simpler method to add pages in the search index quickly by enhancing the XML Sitemap. A few examples of plug-ins that comes handy to develop XML Sitemaps for clear indexing include XML Sitemaps and Google XML Sitemaps. XML Sitemaps notifies the search engines after necessary updating is done. It helps in storing the cached sitemaps in the folder as well. Google XML Sitemaps allows the search engines to locate the blogs easily and also rank them.

  • Decreasing size of the image

After adding XML Sitemaps, you should consider decreasing the image sizes as images take maximum space on the website. The best way out is to optimize the images through WordPress plug-ins. The best characteristic of WordPress is that it allows users to choose different sizes for the uploaded images.

  • Social sharing

After completing the optimization of image sizes, it is time to do some social sharing. You should ensure to use plug-ins as it is the best way to complete your job more professionally.

These are some of the development tips to make your WordPress site more SEO friendly. There are numerous plug-ins that help in making sites friendly through the search engines and visitors. You should know the needs of your website well as every website and its requirements differ.