What Anti-Spyware Software to Consider for the Mac  

Anti-spyware software is very important for protecting your Mac. A few years ago, it was very rare to find spyware on a Mac. But these days, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of spyware threats that the Mac is open to. We thought we’d take a look at what we think is the best anti spyware for Mac by taking a look at two of our most recommended software options – Norton and Bit Defender.


 When it comes to internet security, many people turn to Norton. They have built up an excellent track record for providing complete security for users throughout the world. Many people have praised their protection for Windows PCs, but their security for the Mac has dramatically improved.

When we tested the software, we found that the Norton software managed to detect and eliminate even the hardest to detect malware and ransomware. From AV tests, Norton’s software was able to score a perfect 100% for the most common threats, which means it offers a fantastic full proof level of protection. When a threat is uncovered, Norton wastes no time in deleting the offending piece of code from your system, so it doesn’t become integrated and spread to other areas. Other anti-spyware programs normally ask for the user’s permission in order to delete the spyware, but Norton does this automatically. This is a good feature, as sometimes users don’t click that they want the spyware to be deleted, which could lead to problems further down the road. Other Norton products can also be viewed on http://www.internet.network.

Bit Defender


Bit Defender is a growing name in the anti-spyware space, and deserves to be considered as an option to protect your Mac. Because it is a relatively new product on the market, many people haven’t really tried the software. When we used the software, we found that it offers an excellent level of protection without using a lot of your system’s resources.

From the independent tests on the software, it was able to identify the most common threats that a Mac user would come across. When using the software, we found that the graphical user interface was simple to understand and use. But don’t let the basic interface make you think that it doesn’t have advanced functionality.The extensive database of viruses is regularly updated in order to offer protection moving forward.

Bit Defender also has an excellent firewall. This prevents any spyware from entering the Mac in the first place. This ensures two levels of security, which is vitally important. The spam filter also works rather well, and we think that this filter is better than Norton’s!

Whatever anti spyware software you choose – whether it be Norton or Bit Defender – you will have complete security and peace of mind. Make sure you make use of the free trials that are regularly on offer in order to test the various features of the anti-spyware software, to see if it suits your needs and requirements.