Windows 10 Game Mode Update

This spring Windows 10 lovers will get the Creators update for Windows 10 as it is on the way, and Microsoft has confirmed that game performance is also getting refreshed. Additional features to the existing ones are expected for the Win32 and Xbox games. But, the users need not think that the update stops with the Game mode, but there is more to come.

What is in Store?

Users will be able to access the Beam service, owned by Microsoft, from both Xbox and Windows platforms. The best thing about this update is no additional software need to be installed for making use of this service. All the users need is an Xbox account. Xbox also gets a decent number of updates. To put it short, Beam live streaming, the service bought by Microsoft previous year, is going to be the centre of attraction. Through Xbox live it is going to be easier to connect with friends and stay in touch with them.Image result for Windows 10 Game Mode Update

Stay Connected

Changes that are alluring are expected to be seen in the options for the tournament too, and this means more entertainment is guaranteed. Users can find the posts of the fellow players and share them in their own newsfeeds, and find the people who they want to play with. Sharing of group posts on individual newsfeeds is also possible. With Xbox Live Arena, professional tournaments are integrated.

For instance, the ones organized by FACEIT and ESL can be enjoyed. This means with Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arena, tournaments can be enjoyed, while with the latter, private tournaments can be enjoyed with the friends and member of the club.

The Performance of Games will be boosted

The performance of the gaming mode is certainly going to see a significant change, on a positive note, but how is still unknown. It is expected that Microsoft is to use the model used in Samsung Game Tools and other Android apps. This implies the background apps or anything running in the background will have the least impact on the performance. This is applicable for the gaming and non-gaming tools running in the background.

For those who want to know more on this, it is essential to know about the frames. Graphics processing units, also called the graphics cards are used to render the games on PCs or the consoles. They come to the screen of the users as single frames, and with the faster graphics cards, the performance is boosted, and speed is higher. For smooth gaming experience graphics hardware of more power is required, and when the rate is higher, the performance is increased too. For more update about gaming laptop at affordable price check out

A single press of the Xbox button will make the accessibility of the Guide instant in Xbox One, and this also comes with enhanced features. For instance, the Game DVR clips are to be recorded, and the recorded length can be changed. The background music is also about to undergo a change. Moreover, not to forget to mention about the change in Cortana design is to happen.

While the Creators Update is expected anxiously, the date of release for the general users is yet to be announced.

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