10 Deadly Sins of the Poorly Designed Website

Face the facts. You will find loads of web sites available but very couple of that really pull how much they weigh and obtain results. Effective web site design is difficult. Whether it was, watch that set up an internet site would realize enormous success. It requires a variety of skills to drag together a killer website.

That being stated, this is a listing of web site design sins for the edification. Think about these deeply and that i recommend you make certain your site doesn’t commit them.


Website Crime Number One – Website doesn’t have a very obvious objective. Why have you got or wish to have an internet site to begin with? Give me an idea it to complete for the business?

Website Crime #2 – No obvious proactive approach. This crime dovetails around the previous one. When you are obvious in your website’s objective, allow it to be real obvious for your customer what action you would like them to consider. Clearly spell it. Believe me, leave no room for interpretation.

Website Crime #3 – Website doesn’t have a way to capture visitor’s contact details. You’re missing a significant chance to collect prospects who’re clearly thinking about what you are offering – hence brings to promote to moving forward. Do whatever needs doing here. Offer what we should call an “ethical bribe” in return for their contact details.

Website Crime #4 – Website doesn’t give visitors grounds to return. Unless of course your site is a 1-time sales website, you have to ensure that it stays filled with new and great happy to ensure that it stays producing for you personally.


Website Crime #5 – Website doesn’t have substance, all style. Dovetailing around the previous crime, focus ought to be more about adding valuable content instead of getting flashy animations. Flashy animations may wow these potential customers once (if you are lucky), but great content starts creating a relationship or dare I only say an addiction for you. Main point here you’re adding value for your prospects.

Website Crime #6 – Website comes with an “it’s about me” mentality. Keep your copy conversational in tone and concentrate clearly on what’s inside it for the customer. Make sure they are believe that it’s about them – make sure they are feel special.

Website Crime #7 – Web site is sporadic together with your “Brand”. Your site doesn’t have is the best searching site available. It is much more important to remain consistent (same look and feel, feel and style as the other ads).

These next three sins are absolutely inexcusable and cannot require much explanation. There is little frustrate your customer many diminish your credibility faster.

Website Crime #8 – Poor or sporadic navigation. Don’t get people to think. Allow it to be real simple for people to find what they’re searching for.

Website Crime #9 – Dead links. This can be a credibility killer. Always do that which you say you’re likely to do. It’s amazing what individuals can see right into a dead link – the worst being that you just don’t care enough in regards to you customer.

Website Crime #10 – Slow website. I understand, it’s difficult to believe although not everybody is applying broadband Online connections yet. Just a little empathy here goes a lengthy way.