10 shooting games that do not cause aggressive behavior in kids


With the progress in technology, video games today are much more elaborate and sophisticated. The life-like graphics coupled with aggressive storylines promote nothing but an unhealthy attitude in young impressionable minds, as a result of which many parents have denied access to such extreme kind of shooting gaming systems. However, there exist a few shooting games, that are equally fun and do not encourage aggressive behavior in children. Try the following games which allow your kid to indulge in a competitive atmosphere but without the negative effect. You can also log on to http://www.muchgames.com/online-games/shooting for a wide selection of shooting games.

Mild shooting games for children under the age of 12:


Phosphor is an exciting 3D arena combat games played from the first-person perspective. Utilize the keyboard in looking around, reloading and jumping. Go to http://www.muchgames.com/online-games/shooting for more games like these. You also have to skillfully assign the weapons according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Ace Banana

A PlayStation first-person shooting game, Ace Banana is a mild arcade style game where anthropomorphic bananas shoot out invading monkeys! While there is continuous excitement, the cartoonish violence is at the minimum level.

Stick arena dimensions

Another basic and mild shooting game, Stick Arena Dimensions is an arena styled game, where one has to defeat the enemies in combat by using conventional weapons like pistols or swords or rifles, by moving the mouse and keyboard keys.

The last stand

In this game, the zombies need to be fended off before they attack you by breaking inside the barriers. Use the mouse and keyboard to open fire and shoot them, while utilizing the day looking for fellow survivors and working weapons, which will make you last longer.

Raze 2

Perfectly suited for children, this is a 2D arena style shooter game, where the gamer has to use a vast variety of weapons and equipment to drive out the alien forces and save humanity. The twist is, once the player gets in possession of the alien systems, he/she can use it to further his/her own campaign to rule over humanity and plan its destruction.

Pirate blast

This point-and-shoot game can be played by either a single player or two players. Use the water balloons and water guns to blast off the robots invading an amusement park. It requires the gamer to quickly recognize the evil robots and shoot before they shoot back at the gamer and destroy his/her health.

Shooting games for 12 and above:

Hard Reset Redux

If your kids want something a little more mature, then give a try to this sci-fi shooter game, where although you blast off robots, there is no trace of blood and gore, just explosions with sparks. This game is also educative as it has a positive emphasis on individual exploration.

Star Fox Zero

In this space shooter game, you will play the role of Fox McCloud and fight against an evil in the galaxy by aiming at spaceships or ground targets. There is no gory content in this game, but it sure lay emphasis on skilled combat and shooting.

Star wars battlefront

This a first-person and third-person shooting game based on the science fiction, where combatting takes the center-stage. You will be allowed to play with Star Wars oriented weapons like a lightsaber, a blaster or a rocket launcher. Fortunately, there is no place for bloody content as the villains generally just explode into thin air.

Destiny: the taken king

Originally an extension of the sci-fi shooter game Destiny, this game is set in the future, pitting human guardians against robots and aliens. You can use the melee weapons, guns or carry out special energy based attacks to destroy the robots and disintegrate the aliens, which is usually preceded by an outcry or mild bleeding.

Thus, the internet is filled with a plethora of harmless games that are amusing yet safe for young minds. Making children aware of these games and disclosing gory ones at a young age will ensure that they restrict themselves to the former and do not go out of bounds to get negatively affected by aggressive shooting games. A relief for you and the young gamer at your house!