4 Ways to Get Rapid Traction About Your App

Nowadays, it has been very difficult for your smartphone application to draw attention on app market landscape because of the highly crowded mobile app stores. You need to have neither a flawless mobile app nor substantial business budget is not enough sometimes to create a hype around your app. There are some proven ways that boost app installs and create instant buzz around your app to get traction, some of them are app referral program, boost campaigns, social sharing and traditional campaigns.Image result for 4 Ways to Get Rapid Traction About Your App

Referral Campaigns

People mostly discover and download new mobile apps by the recommendation of others especially their friends, family and closed ones. So, convincing people to spread the word about your app is the most efficient way to get traction about your app. You can convince your existing users with creating a successful app referral program by targeting right loyal customers with offering suitable rewards. It is great your users to promote your mobile app by telling others about it but it needs certain amount of effort to convince them so read further sources to learn best practices about mobile app referral programs.

Social Sharing

Enabling social sharing is the first must have step to take about your app because this feature allows users to share your app with their friends through social media. It’s the best way of app promotion through social media and every social share always has potential to reach millions of social media users.

Boost Campaigns

If you want to get traction as soon as possible for your mobile app, boost campaigns are the exact way what you are looking for because although lots of people talk about boost campaigns are dead due to store algorithm changes however they are still effective to put your app into top 10 in few days. So, as you can imagine, when your app get a massive push after high visibility in app stores for few days then go viral immediately depending on the quality of your app.  

Traditional Campaigns

Lastly, traditional advertising and marketing campaigns like TV ads or print media has really good effect on getting a traction about your app especially local mobile apps. One TV ad can increase awareness about your app locally then people are going to talk about your app eventually. So, applying traditional marketing methods like TV ads are very effective to spread the word about your app.