5 Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services Benefits

Whether or not cloud-based internet technologies are on the list of “must-haves” for your business right now, it might be a good idea to investigate what they offer.  As more and more companies and organizations around the world make the shift to online, networked services, it might be a matter of time that yours could need to make the shift, too.

For now, though, you might find that there are a few ala carte services cloud-based infrastructures could offer you. Sometimes you can pick and choose which ways you want to utilize the Fencecore benefits to help push your company forward.


Perhaps the most immediate way that cloud-based services can help you is in the form of online data storage and online backup.  No matter the size of your business, online data storage can help you by reducing your immediate need for hard drive space. More importantly, though, online data storage means that you are not restricted at working specifically at the office.  


In addition, online backup services act as a type of security for your data.  With automatic online backup, your data can be stored onto servers passively, once you set it up, of course.  This ensures that if something should happen with your localized storage—computer damage, theft, fire or other emergency—you can still access the data you need.


While not every company needs online file sharing, it might be something you could need in the future as your corporate structure grows.  File sharing allows you to send files over the network quickly and securely without the need for uploading into online storage folders and without the need for bulky and frail equipment like USB flash drives and microSD cards.


It doesn’t matter the size of your business, web presence is important.  While you might not deal directly with your customers on the internet, you can be quite certain that a large percentage of your customer base is on the internet. Even just a splash page or a simple website can make a world of difference.


This is the internet age and that means it is very easy to forget that there is another human on the other end of that email or chat.  Effective cloud-based services help to provide any company with reliable and secure communications that retains a little humanity within your network.