5 Tips for Choosing a Phone Plan That Meets Your Specific Needs

Mobile phones have become a necessity today as these help ease the communication process. And while it may seem like choosing among different Zain postpaid offers, for example, is easy, it can actually be a challenging endeavor, what with all the options for mobile devices, protections, and carriers available. A small mistake or negligence can cause your money to go to waste.

As such, it’s best to be meticulous when choosing a mobile phone and an accompanying plan.

Here are five valuable tips for choosing a cell phone plan that will help you meet your needs as well as save you a significant amount of money in the process.

1. Do research on competing providers

Similar to buying any product or signing up for a service, you must perform in-depth research on the different providers that you can choose from. Do not automatically get a phone plan from the first salesperson that approaches you. Instead, obtain several quotes and compare them with each other to determine which provider can accommodate your needs and preferences best.

Some salespersons will say that they are unable to meet the competitor’s price offer. However, a member of the customer retention department or the management would have the authority. So, if upon negotiation the sales representative refuses to give you a discount, consider asking for the manager. There is a huge possibility that the carrier will offer you more flexibility if you are out of contract or a new customer. So don’t hesitate to negotiate!

2. Know the extent of the carrier’s network coverage

With ample network coverage, you won’t be limiting yourself to places where you can only get a strong signal. So make sure that the carrier’s network coverage is wide enough that it can reach all the potential locations you often go to, especially when you are fond of traveling.

You can ask around or perhaps borrow your friend’s phone and try it in places where you will need it. This will give you an idea if the carrier’s network covers these locations. Also, you can take advantage of the company’s trial period so you can conveniently get out of the contract in case the carrier’s network offers weak service in places where you’ll need proper coverage.

3. Look into the phone’s functionality and features

Today’s mobile phones do more than just make calls and send messages. Most mobile devices offer features such as photos, music, video, internet browsing, and voice-activated dialing. These modern functionalities seem tempting and trendy, but you must only opt for those you will use. Skipping the features you won’t be using (like the voice-activated dialing, for instance) will help you save money. So make sure to perform a needs analysis before deciding on which phone to buy.

4. Customize the service plan

You can get significant savings from the actual service plan by making sure that it includes the right amount of call minutes, text messages, and mobile data. Never opt for a plan that goes way beyond what you need. For instance, avoid unlimited service plans if you won’t be using your phone often as this can be overkill for your monthly bill.

The best way to decide which plan to sign up for is to determine your individual phone needs. Will you use your phone mostly for calling your loved ones, sending text messages, or surfing the net and your social media channels? Don’t be tempted to opt for unlimited plans because you may end up paying for something you aren’t using.

The same is true with getting a low-priced plan because you may need to pay more if you need to add a perceived need later on, or perhaps if you spend beyond your allowable call minutes, SMS, and mobile data. To make sure that you get the right phone plan, you must first analyze your average phone needs on a monthly basis.

5. Understand the contract

Most cell phone companies will require you to enter into a contract that can last up to two years. If you get out of the contract early, you will be penalized. But getting into a long-term contract offers you a considerable discount on the mobile device you want to get. If you don’t want this option though, you can just get a no-contract prepaid cell phone plan.

Knowledge is the most crucial factor in effectively obtaining substantial savings when getting a phone plan. So make sure to educate yourself on these money-saving strategies and don’t rush into signing the first contract that you encounter.

If you get a clear picture of what your plan looks like every month, you will surely get a smartphone plan that suits your needs and budget.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.