7 IBM I Modernization Tools To Help Your Business Grow

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Modernization and customization tools lend a helping hand in innovating different IBM I existing apps into something new with unique features that the users might find appealing. However, the process of such customization is not simple and accurate when done manually. Therefore, you must take aid from different app customization and analysis tools that can reform the entire look of your apps. If interested, simply scroll through the guide given below in order to gain information on 7 such tools that you must know about if you work on the IBM OS.

A Guide On 7 Analysis And Management Tools For IBM I Applications

It is necessary to keep updating the IBM OS with new features in order to keep the apps functional, useful, and as good as new. This is required in order to ensure that your website looks well maintained so that it can attract users. To serve the purpose, you can take the help of the following 7 analysis tools by Fresche solutions that are worthy of your money and time.

  1. X Analysis View Tool – This tool is specifically made to help developers in modifying existing IBM I apps and maintaining the new ones with without consuming much time
  2. X Analysis Advisor Tool – This is a documentation and streamlining tool that manages your entire system. It is better known for its capacity to analyze the quality of the code and suggest suitable changes to improve it
  3. NewLook Developer Tool – This is an automated transformation tool that has the capacity to produce high-speed UI’s for mobile devices and web from about 5250 green screens
  4. Openlook Tool – This tool is built with the purpose of increasing the work efficiency by allowing users to access advanced and easily navigable applications
  5. Clover Tool – This is a business strategizing tool that gives users the authority to generate and submit web reports in the real-time within a time frame. If done in time, users get access to the DB2 and SQL data
  6. Catapult Tool – This tool offers monetary benefits and saves time since it eliminates printing requirement. It is because this tool is designed to digitally distribute different files with the desired people only
  7. X Modernize Tool – This is a conversion tool that is designed for companies that are looking forward to converting the RPG apps in their IBM system into Java files

On a closing note, these are all modernization tools because they integrate IBM systems so that their apps can produce better end result as that by modern applications.