7 Tricks Used by SEO Professional Writers

Los Angeles SEO experts have, for a long time, used various tricks to make their content more relevant, informative, creative, and exciting to read. After all, this is the primary reason why you write anything in the first place. Since its inception, the internet has evolved so much to the point that you have to get very creative with what and how you write. Your audience will always view and rate the content you provide them. So, if your work is way below average, do not expect many readers to view your content. And for the few that do; they do not stay on your site for too long. The opposite is also true for the SEO professional writers who deliver quality content.

So, what exactly do professional SEO writers use to ensure they have the best, on-point content for their readers? That’s exactly what we aim to discuss with you today.

Consider these Los Angeles SEO tricks that help make professional SEO writers deliver the best content to their readers.

  • Write about content people actually care about

If you want to have content that online readers will be buzzing to skim through, you first need to ask yourself; who cares? You must, first, find out who will actually care to search and even read about the content you intend to write. Too often, you find that many article writers get on their PCs and start pumping out content with no actual strategy or reason behind it.

The problem with this is that these writers forget that they are going to want real humans actually to read these stuff that they write. So, the moment you know that you are writing for other people to read your content, you start to narrow down on what exactly they want to read.

Los Angeles SEO experts agree that this puts you in a more able position to get the content and storyline that your readers will be interested to read.

  • Make your content long enough to count

When writing new content, you also need to remember that what you write needs to be informational and educative. So, 100 words just won’t cut it. There isn’t that much value or educative and informative content you can provide using too few words.

For this reason, you find that many search engines also tend to give more preference to the longer articles and blogs. And with good reason. So, if possible, try to shoot your content to at least 600 words. If possible, however, you can always strive to get your work to 1,000 or more. A significant amount of research has shown that many search engines favor ‘in-depth’ content. In most instances, you find that search engines prefer blogs or articles of at least 2,000 words. The longer your content is, the more value you’ll be able to give your readers.

  • Edit your work

All professional SEO writers keep stressing that there’s always a huge difference between an SEO written article and a regular article. And the main difference comes about in the eye for self-editing. Today, you can find many article editing tools that can help make your article editing a lot easier and faster. The most common ones include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and OpenOffice. The red and green zig-zaggy lines usually give most of the errors away.

You also want to train yourself to have an eye for aesthetically pleasing formatting. Los Angeles SEO experts advise that you also avoid using too long paragraphs and sentences.

If possible, you can also have someone else, maybe a close friend or colleague, check your work after you have finished working on it. These guys don’t necessarily need to be experts at SEO writing. Sometimes, an extra pair of eyes can be just what you need to spot some of the simple mistakes you missed yourself.

  • Use the keywords

All professional SEO writers admit that before publishing any content online, they must make use of all the keywords as appropriate. A few years back, all SEO content writers had to do was to dump keywords into their content. However, that’s not the case today.

Undoubtedly, it’s still a pretty good idea to include the target keyword of your content throughout your article body. However, peppering your content with forced keywords don’t really move the dial much these days. If anything, it will only end up hurting your work.

  • Know the basics of SEO

Professional writers agree that in as much as it’s vital that you watch out for the keyword optimization of your content, it cannot help you any bit if your website isn’t even indexed.

As a writer, you don’t necessarily need to know all the nitty-grittiest of how your website works. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t check out a few things about SES and how technical SEO work. Knowing as much information about SEO and how you can use them to make your content better and more informative.

  • Watch your analytics

Los Angeles SEO experts would agree that SEO writing isn’t all about fire-and-forget. It’s not just a matter of posting your work and walking away. In fact, if possible, it is wise that you regularly monitor your content using the Google Analytics tool. You can get all the relevant information about your content such as the readers’ time on site, pages per session, bounce rate, etc. All these bits of information are essentially more relevant. Perhaps even more than the keyword density.

  • SEO writing takes time and patience

You do not just become an expert SEO content writer overnight with all the skills and know-how. SEO writing, like with every other thing you do in life, requires a lot of practice and patience to perfect. Your chances of hitting gold on your first try are usually close to none. However, if you keep perfecting and sharpening your writing skills, you’ll get there with time.

Final thoughts

It’s a fact that not everyone is going to be successful in the SEO writing business. Not everyone will become an expert writer. You might even have to go through a lot of struggles if you haven’t written any SEO content before. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t be any good at it. You only need to give it some additional training, dedication, and patience and with time, you’ll get there.