All you need to know about Proctoring tests

Different types of concepts and trends are prevalent there. More and more businesses are using the best programs and concepts to ensure that they get the best working setting and employees in their business. You can find a huge rush of software, applications, programs and services that are prolific for recruitment drives.

Have you ever heard about proctoring services? Proctoring is a new thing that is on everybody’s lips these days.  One zone that is getting important is the proctoring concept. Have you ever considered about opting for proctored test instead of room exams or non-proctored tests online?  The point is if you are taking a test for recruitment or for promotion of your employees in the business and the test is online or otherwise; there has to be someone to supervise the test right? If you have proctored test on your plate, it would be under proper supervision.

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If you are new to this field, Proctoring or Proctored Test is described as a mechanism to make sure the genuineness of the test taker and avert him/her from doing cheating.  A proctor is an individual who is trained and well qualified to take or undertake the authentication of the candidate or aspirant and prevent them from doing any type of cheating. You know online Testing has been there for last two decades in diverse shapes and formats. The commonest and the most general type of online test is an objective test. It is the tests that examines a candidate on their subject knowledge, field knowledge or is used to understand his or her learning capability or behavioural profile.

What is an online proctoring test and how is it effective for your business?

In an online exam proctoring, the candidate gets monitored online during the duration of the test typically with the assistance of a webcam, mic and access to the screen of the applicant.  If you have some candidates that you want to appoint for a role but they are in another location, you can easily test them through these proctoring concepts. They would give the test and there would not be any type of doubts about the genuineness of the test. Since your test would be monitored and is under supervision, there would be no doubts about the authenticity of the performance of the candidates.

To take an online proctored exam from a remote or distant location aspirants need:

  • A proper and suitable device (Desktop PC/ Tablet/ Laptop/ Mobile)
  • A strong Internet connection with minimum 256kbps speed
  • An effective and functional webcam and a quality mic
  • In  Laptop or computer , any of the present day browsers

Once your aspirants have these needed equipment and facilities at hand, they can sit in your test right from another place. You would easily take their test that too without any doubt of cheating and all. There are three kinds of proctoring and these are like:

Online Live Proctoring

In this live proctored test, a qualified proctor is going to monitor the audio-video and screen share of the candidates. He keeps an eye on everything throughout the test. In this way, there remains no scope of cheating or any underhanded deeds. In a typical sense the service provider for proctoring will have individuals sitting in a distant location that have been qualified and trained to ensure the authentication of the aspirants and   rule out any form of cheating. A proctor can easily monitor up to sixteen to thirty two candidates at a time relying on the provider. The benefit of this model is that it eradicates the place constraint of proctoring.

Recorded proctoring

In this type of method, no proctor is going to monitor the feed in real time. Instead, the audio-video and screen share content and feeds of the test applicants get recorded during the test. A representative would play back such types of recordings in a fast-forwarded manner   and red-flags any type of suspicious activity through annotations. The good points are that it removes both schedule and place constraints. However, it still needs humans to do the proper review and hence it is not really scalable and is quite expensive.

Advanced type of Automated Proctoring

Automated proctoring is the most new and advanced type of proctoring. In this scenario too, the audio-video and even the screen share feeds of the test of the candidates get recorded during the time of test. But apart from   recording, the system even monitors the feeds for any type of suspicious activity that too making use of advanced video and audio analytics. Indeed, nothing goes unchecked in these scenarios.

It makes sure that the candidate concentrates on test screen during the duration of test.  There is sufficient light in the room and proper checks for doubtful objects in video and background voice deeds to red flag the test. It even do advanced face recognition to do the authentication of the students. In this way the students giving the tests get evaluated and checked in the most effective manner. Even if you are taking the test for the recruitment of a role in your business, you would be sure about the effectivity of the candidates.


Thus, the point is that you can make your recruitment and promotion sessions or any test segments more effective with these proctoring facilities. You can make the right recruitment of right candidates even if you are miles apart.