Clickfunnels Vs Leadpages – What To Use?

ClickFunnels and leadpages are two preferred applications used by internet business to build promotional sales funnel to turn prospects into sales and generate business for the online trade. It is not easy for an online system to convert leads into sale and these tools are highly valuable as they help the company to gain more customers and generate better sales.

Although both clickFunnels and leadpages are powerful applications, there need to be an understanding of how these two applications operate and when it comes to Clickfunnels vs Leadpages which system is more in use and are a preferred choice for the internet business sellers.

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages: How these Systems Work

Leadpages application functions on cloud-space. The software is compatible with mobile, and the settings are done quickly by using the drop and drag feature of the application. People who do not have extensive knowledge on how to do coding will find this software easy to use and more alluring to work with as opposed to that software where the user need to do programming. The software has a built-in feature that allows the user to see the results of your pages from inside the site.

Clickfunnels offer the user the same compatibility and marketing features of the Leadpages. However, the clickfunnel application provides the sales funnel integration feature. This feature allows you to build landing pages and add other enhanced features such as shopping cart and upsells. A landing page is a standalone page that is set up to display ads for business and is another medium for pay per click marketing, a powerful promotional technique to work with Google Adwords.

Leadpages is easy to design landing pages especially for those sellers with no knowledge or expertise of coding and programming. The interface is simple and easy to operate on to build the leadpages. The users will learn how to use this system with some practice and there is no need to take in the services of a professional web designer to build your designing page, and you can manage the designing on your own using the leadpages features.

The leadpages services give the user access to hundreds of templates and a powerful editor to build a website. The drag and drop feature enables the user to select the predefined functions to get the desired page up and running in no time. Users with no prior knowledge have found this application easy enough to build and launch the website.

ClickFunnel is a similar application, but it has the edge over leadpages when it comes to features, and unlike leadpages, the ClickFunnel has the tools for launching extensive sales campaigns, creating leads, or launching a promotional event.

Clickfunnel costs more in subscription and services fees, but it carries many additional features. Leadpages are restricted to design a landing page; however, clickfunnel, on the other hand, have the options to create multiple pages for sales purpose. These pages are the funnel that enables an online business to add more content and promotional tools to convert a user into a buyer.


So which software is needed for the online business? It depends on your budget, the type of online store you are running, and the targets you have. If you want to build a landing page, then leadpages is a software that will provide you with all the tools you need. If you are looking to launch a powerful online marketing campaign, click funnel should be your top choice to use as this application will give you access to all the features to design your business marketing interface. Where you need to have a robust marketing strategy the implementation of the same is not possible unless you use professional software like clickfunnels. Funneling is a powerful way to attract more business and convert all your leads into sales. Due to these reasons for a business who is willing to put investment in its growth, the clickfunnels is a sound and wise investment to market the business.