Common Problem

With the fast pace we live at today, we move around more than we ever did. It is also true for our office life. We often switch desks and computers, while still having the need to work with the same devices. It is absolutely obvious that carrying the devices around the office space and connecting them to each and every machine they are needed on is not very convenient. Well, it is inconvenient. Trying to find the world’s longest cable is also not an option. So let us try to solve a problem. For example you need to use a webcam connected to your computer from a different computer in a different room across the hallway. How do you connect to a remote webcam? And how to work with a remote webcam as if it was physically connected to your current computer?


Share a webcam over network with USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate developed by Eltima Software is the perfect solution to share USB devices like webcams over the network and make them accessible to any computer no matter how far it is from the actual device.

USB Network Gate is a friendly software. It is very easy to set up:

  • First of all download and install the software on the computer that will be remotely working with a webcam over LAN (this will be a client computer) and on the computer with the actual camera connected (this will be a server computer).
  • Open USB Network Gate on the server and choose the camera from the list of devices. Share it.
  • Open USB Network Gate on the client computer and find the shared webcam that is now available to you. Connect to it and use it as if it was directly plugged in your computer.
  • This app is also available for different platforms, so you can share your devices among Mac, Windows and Linux OS computers.

Software alternative for Windows

For Windows OS there is an open source tool available – Yawcam, which will let you share a webcam from one Windows machine to another. It is written in Java and has the following options:

Streams video;
Makes snapshots;
Has a built-in web server;
Offers motion detection.

Yawcam works over WiFi connection and is only available for Windows OS.