Crowdfunding for App Developers

Anyone who’s ever attempted to create an app from scratch would know how difficult a process it can be. Developers have to put in lot of their time and resources into the development stage. Considering that, a lot of people become hesitant to create an app. To add to that, there are now thousands of apps out there, making the market extremely cut-throat. Aside from putting in a lot of time and effort, one would have to think of a detailed and strategic marketing plan to ensure their app stands out from the rest. However, doing so can be quite expensive. This is where crowdfunding India can be of immense help to developers. Here’s a list of things app developers can Crowdfund for:

Hire a team of coders

Apps that are exceptionally detailed may take very long if it has to be done single-handedly. Moreover, with thousands of apps launching each day, time is of the essence. You can save time by hiring a team of competent coders who will help you get your app ready much faster than if you were to do it alone. The expense involved in hiring a good team of coders can be covered in your crowdfunding India campaign.

Hire UI designers

Not every app developer is a good designer. You may have a great idea and an extremely efficient and smoothly functioning app in the works, but if the user interface is not appealing, people won’t want to use it. Therefore investing in the design of your app to enhance user experience, is a must. There are professional UI and UX designers that cater to this very need, but in a money crunch, their services can get quite expensive. When you chose to crowdfunding for the development of your app, you don’t have to compromise on the design and user experience.

Pay for putting your app out there

There are several fees and permissions associated with making your app available to people. These fees apply for IOS devices as well as android devices. App developer can cover all these expenses through crowdfunding, until such a time that their app becomes profitable.

Promotions for your app

As we mentioned earlier, developers are increasingly seeing the need to invest in promotional activities, because it’s so easy to get lost in the crowd with so many app releases daily. Sometime a poor promotional and marketing strategy can make the best of app fail due to lack of visibility. Whether you want to hire a social media team, or put out several digital apps, or have an offline app launch party – your online fundraising efforts will ensure that these promotional expenses don’t come out from your own pocket.

Learn professional coding

Finally, if you’re not yet a coder or app developer, but are aspiring to be one, you can always enhance your knowledge by learning from professionals. You can chose to take a bunch of online courses, or real time classes, you can be rest assured that your crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru will help you cover your learning expenses.

We hope this article encourages more developers to fearlessly work on their ideas if it has to potential to be grow. For any ideas out there, financial support can always be found on Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform.