Does Robert Simonds gifts Hollywood a gem with STX? Let’s find out!

An American film producer (born 1964) Robert Bruce Simonds, entrepreneur, founder and chairmen of the STX entertainment produced and gives a drastic hit film and tv series that make a great impact on virtual real digital media of domestic and international media. More than 30 productions by the Robert Simonds has exceeded $6 billion dollars in its worldwide business. The question is Can Bob Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood?  

Robert is working from last 2 decade and give Hollywood great hits like The Pink Panther, Big Daddy, and The Waterboy. On March 2k14 Symonds formed STX entertainment with investment by some of the leading equity firm in China.

His establishment of STX entertainment is one of the special gifts to Hollywood.

STX production role in the Entertainment

After a year of establishment of the production house made a  first multi-year deal that rules over the studio’s other releases throughout 2019 and going to be shown on Showtime network, which contains channels like SHOWTIME, THE MOVIE CHANNEL, AND FLIX. STX also signed a deal with Huyai brother and Media Corp to jointly produce and market 18 movies. They will extend this deal next year as well.

STX is formed by four divisions that are for films, tv, international and digital markets.                                                       STX is considered as the fastest growing entertainment house in 2016 for making a business of $100 million in less than one year. The appreciation for their work is described by achieving the people’s choice awards for the favorite R-rated comedy movie “BAD MOMS”. They also achieve nomination in the several international film festivals.

The Movie and the STX jointly worked for the “Den Thieves” to target the audience and developing them a marketing technique for the Hispanic and African American audience. This movie is estimated to open at unit digit but it surprises the box office with the drastic opening weekend of $15.2 million.

Robert Simond vision behind STX Entertainment

With the movies and entertainment production like this Robert’s STX have made a drastic impact on the Hollywood and domestic audience. Now STX entertainment is working in the international market. They are maintaining the standard position with medium budget films ranges US$20 to US$60 million. There work for the Chinese and international film industry is going to be shown by their latest launching of international co-production “The Foreigner”, with major global superstar Jackie Chan in the signature role, done in conjunction with sparkle role.

In an interview Robert Simonds said, He believes that Chinese entertainment industry is very different from Hollywood here audience like to learn, adapt and move on. So, for this kind of audience, they have to keep their standard up and provide quality entertainment to the audience. He said it will be a great learning for them to work in this environment and a good opportunity to be fortunate in Chinese and International digital entertainment. They are working to make China be the DNA of the company.

Robert Simond is a re-known personality, who has got into this position of fame all by himself, Thatswhy he is observed as an idol person for many.