Ensuring complete data privacy while using smartphones

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All of us enjoy the use of smartphones but little do we realize about the security risks that we are likely to be exposed to when we use these modern day devices. We rarely take note of the security threats that we are exposed to and we end up losing our confidential data, our online security and at times even experience other threats. If you do not want to be one of those victims of smartphone hacking risks you will need to take all the security measures before you start using your smartphone.

You are exposed to security threats, data theft risks and other such issues only when you go online. Once you use the smartphone to get connected to the internet you open the flood gates of risks. Your data could be intercepted easily once the data security measures are not taken. The emails you send out could be easily be intercepted and the data captured. If the emails you send out are encrypted you will not run into such issues. The next time you are looking for a smartphone, look for an encrypted phone for sale.

You should pay attention to finer details of data security. For example when you are sending out an email you will need to check whether your emails are protected fully or whether just the message body is protected. Many people do not know that most of the software applications except SkyECC  do not protect the message header but just the email body. If you are not sure whether or not your security software is protecting the email header then you must cross check the security features before you send out the next mail. Hackers will be able to extract whole lot of information from the email headers.

Are the chat messages or the information you share through the instant messaging software applications safe? May be not and most people are not aware that they could be losing data from their chat messages. When you send out a message using your instant messenger the message reaches the recipient after passing through a number of servers. These servers store the messages for a certain period of time. By tracking the server trails it is possible to reconstruct your chat conversations. You will be able to prevent the hackers from doing this by sending out self-destructive messages that will destroy themselves after a certain time. Such messages will destroy themselves from all the locations including the recipient’s  phone.

Duress password is yet another feature you should look for in your smartphone security tool. These passwords are used in emergencies and it indicates to the device that the data privacy is going to be compromised. When the duress password is used the device deletes all the data from the system protecting the data integrity. Finally, the images you send out through your mobile phone should also be protected. In most cases the images are not encrypted leaving your scanned images vulnerable.