Even After 13 Years, Why Call of Duty Remains So Popular

CoD or Call of Duty has a huge fan base, no one can deny that, but this game series have quite a few detractors as well and their chief complain seems to be that all the games in the series are so similar that they could be the same game. There is some truth to this criticism. The game hasn’t evolved as fast as some other franchise and though there is at least one new game per year, no radical change can be seen from one game to another. However, given that it is still on the list of the best selling games, why would the developers bother to change anything. Why fix something that is not broken.

A long journey

The first call of duty came out in 2003. It was a PC game naturally. But as gaming spread over other platforms, the developers made a conscious effort to adapt. They have made many of the games playable online. There is even a CoD game for the mobile platform. There are many players who consider this franchise as a pillar in the gaming industry.Image result for Even After 13 Years, Why Call of Duty Remains So Popular

Reasons for popularity

The popularity of CoD can be attributed to a few different factors. The franchise has a long history and the developers have a long history as well. The infinity Ward team that came out with the original CoD has been creating FPS or first person shooter games since 1999. The first few games couldn’t really impress the gaming crowd all that much. But fortunately for the developers, they didn’t give up on the franchise and abandon it. They stuck to it and their persistence paid of when they came out with the third game in the franchise. From then on the games gained recognition and soon became a staple for gamers all around the world. But the main reason for the success has to be the games themselves, they are fun to play and are quite engaging. You can play single player or multiplayer as per your preference. The game is indeed so popular that you can even bet on the multiplayer version in sites like https://cybbet.com/games/cod.