Get the Best H.265 Player

The HEVC or High Efficiency Video Coding which is also called H.265 and MPEG-H Part 2 works as an excellent video compression standard. It was built by standard ISO and ITU bodies. The chief objective of this player is to diligently compress video unlike its preceding counterparts. It aims towards providing systems that can effortlessly capture content and HDTV screens, together with high end scanned frame rates and meticulous display resolutions from QVGA to 4320p. HEVC has been developed chiefly to provide video content with compression ratio of data which comprises of about 1000:1.

Play H.265/HEVC videos on your Mac with Elmedia

Elmedia Player allows playing HEVC files on your Mac and it also comes as an exceptional x265 HEVC player. You will no more need to add any additional third party decoders or codecs. You get to enjoy some exceptional quality playback of H.265, MP4, HD, MKV, AVI and many other kinds of files. Do not get mistaken because every Elmedia will not be able to play videos. It will be able to terrifically play music of FLAC, MP3, AAC and other kinds of formats. Everything is finely organized through this player.Image result for Get the Best H.265 Player

The H.265 player is known to be the code of the future and is waiting to be completely executed, watching H.265 videos that are encoded might be a bit of a challenging experience though. However with the HEVC on your Mac you will be able to outstandingly make the most from the high-efficiency H.265 player.

When you want to play H.265/HEVC files on Mac, you would have to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Download Elmedia Player

First download and then install the free Elmedia Player on your system. You need to first click the “Download” button. You would have to then open downloaded DMG and then the file of Elmedia Player needs to get dragged to the folder where the Application is.

Step 2. Play H.265/HEVC

There are quite a number of ways you would be able to do it. You can select the one which you feel is easiest for you.

You would require getting the selected H.265 file dragged on the window of the app or where the Dock icon is located.

In the Finder right-click the H.265 file and then go to the option called “Open With”. You will then require selecting the Elmedia, as this is the app which would help start playing the video.

From Elmedia Player’s Main menu you need to select the option called “File”.

Step 3. Enjoy your super cool video

This is how you would have to play H.265 files on Mac and the steps too are quite convenient. One of the safest part of Elmedia Player is you will be able to effortlessly play all sorts of files like, XAP (Silverlight), AVI, RV (Real), RM, MOV, FLV, WMV, MP4, and possibly every other kinds.

When we compart H.265 vs. H.264, the very crucial point to note here is, you will enjoy great quality, as well as size. While along side, H.264 codec presently is supported by all kinds of commonly used devices. Whatever kind of standaer you wish to use or are in need of, Elmedia Player will stand tall and provide the best at all times.