Hackers Make It Tough For Common People In Ukraine To Survive

Ukraine is going through a tough time at this moment. Along with many cross-border issues, the country is suffering from cyber attacks. Hundreds of businesses have gone bankrupt, and thousands of individuals have lost many critical details to attackers in last few months. The latest incident which shook the entire country took place in the month of June. The local police in Cherkasy region of Ukraine found out shreds of evidence hinting towards a mass cyber attack.

The initial investigation suggests that hackers targeted thousands of computers from over 60 countries and infected them with a virus that gave them access to information like bank account details, passwords, etc. of tens of thousands of people.

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The authorities also found out that a total sum of £8000 was transferred by hackers from one account to another. This was the same account which they used to use for receiving ransom in the past. Along with this trail, the police also found out a message of hackers which claimed that they were ready to decrypt all the infected computers for a one-time payment of £200,000.

The motive of this attack appears to be making some quick money; however many experts think otherwise. According to the researchers who are keeping a close eye on the attack, this is nothing but a plain attempt of diverting government’s attention from the main subject. Hackers did not carry out the cyber attack just to make money; they wanted to create a panic situation in the country so that common people and local businesses would freak out.

Hackers Will Spend Three Years In Jail

Many individuals and local businesses have come forward and requested authorities to quicken the investigation in this matter. According to Anastasia, a local dating network company, over 500 of their partners suffered due to this attack and paid a heavy price. There are many other businesses which either lost a lot of money or shut down their businesses.

The police have assured that hackers will spend a minimum of three years in jail once they are caught. Further updates in this matter will be released soon.