How Storytelling Can Help Your Brand


Making it big in the online world is not just about offering high-quality goods and services and producing premium content. It requires a set of not only effective, but compelling marketing strategies that appeal to (1) your target demographic, and (2) the general public.

Most of us are familiar with the word “branding” and how it works, but to dive deeper and really get to know the mechanics and contributing factors to effective branding is another story. In this article, we will plunge into the art of storytelling and how the strategy can positively affect your brand.

Let’s face it–what really makes the world go round is no longer money, but talk. Tech-savvy individuals, or pretty much anyone with a mobile device, make up a great part of our current population. Because of this, social media has become a great big force– giving voice to the powerless, providing some individuals a taste of internet fame, revealing truths and news coverages we don’t often see in traditional media, and even putting hardened criminals behind bars. Learn how to use social mediato your advantage and you’ll be able to create a great image for your brand.

Become a pro in the art of brand-related storytelling by following these three tips:

Be relatable.

In any marketing strategy, you must be able to reach out to your audience in some way. One of the best routes to a social media user’s heart is through a relatable story. Include characters that appeal to the masses and represent individuals from all walks of life. Tap into what they’re into, such as trends, current events, etc. In some areas, stick to the basics, but always aim to strike a chord.

Be sincere.

When in doubt, choose to be true and sincere. The last thing your audience want as brand representation is an obnoxious, blatant sales-pitch. The secret here is to strive for a “no sales-pitch” sales pitch. Don’t try too hard. After all, you want to grab mass appeal by revealing what your brand is really all about. You can seek out the services of branding agency San Francisco, for a more comprehensive know-how on this.

Choose the appropriate platforms.

Social media hosts a wide variety of platforms, through which you can launch your brand and tell your story. The challenge here is to know which ones will suit your brand best when it comes to content and interested customers. As a general marketing rule, you must be present in (1) Facebook–one of the biggest social media platform worldwide, and (2) Twitter–the hub of all things trending and popular. For brands that make use of visuals to send their message across, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest, are also ideal.


An airline has sparked rage worldwide because of a video that turned viral. In the same way, a soda company has been torn apart in the virtual world because of a tone-deaf advertisement. We also have, meanwhile, a lumber company that aspired to spread their brand’s message of hope amidst current unfortunate events through a powerful, heart-rending ad. In recent events, we have seen brands rise and also fall because of social media, and if that’s not enough representation of its overwhelming power, we don’t know what is. As a brand, you’re putting yourself out there for the entire world to see, and sometimes, all it takes for you to catch people’s attention is a good story.