How to effectively use SEUs and PDUs in the ICP Agile Certified Coach Course

Scrum and Agile are the most happening words of the day. When it comes to upgrading your skills you want a reliable partner who will ensure you learn the requisite skills and not just theoretical aspects. That’s where KnowledgeHut’s expertise and agility scores. They offer you two courses for professional certification with ICAgile and, both of who are international giants. With the PDUs and SEUs earned it is now possible to get professional certification, enhance your skill sets and become either a Certified Agile Professional or an Agile Coach.

Why Choose the ICP-ACC Course

Here are the advantages of doing your course with KnowledgeHut:

  • The ICP Agile Certified Coach Course enables you to imbibe in just 21 hours of classroom sessions, working 2 days on the weekend or on week-days batches, the best practices, tricks, and tips on how to effectively use Agile to resolve issues in diverse environments
  • KnowledgeHut represents both ICAgile and the Scrum-Alliance as their certified training partner
  • You will be comprehensively trained and prepared for the CSM, PSM and Agile Coach professional certifications
  • The effective approved global curriculum is delivered by CSTs who ensure you are industry ready on course completion
  • The courses offered are immersive learning of future-ready Scrum and Agile technology developments

ICP-ACC Course Features

No formal qualifications are required for the ICP-ACC course through an understanding and some work experience in Agile help. The world-class courseware in downloadable format and 3 months free access to e-learning materials is a bonus. The accelerated immersive ICP Agile Certified Coach Course on Agile Coaching helps get you the esteemed Agile Certified Coach (ICP-ACC)-ICAgile Certified Professional.

The ICP Agile Certified Coach Course should make you proficient in understanding the roles, mindset, and Agile Coach responsibilities of mentoring robust Agile, lean teams for improved enterprise efficiency and productivity. You earn 24 SEUs and PDUs to enable professional certification from ICAgile Certifying body by completing the ICP-ACC course.

What You Learn In the ICP Agile Certified Coach Course

The ICP-ACC course classroom session helps you learn and understand the roles, responsibilities and functional roles in Agile enterprises. Risk mitigation and seizing competitive edge is crucial, and you imbibe people skills like collaboration, emotional intelligence, conflict relationship, resolutions and use of Artifacts, Framework, and other resources and tools. The focus on practical exercises makes it easy to understand how to reduce defect density, reduce risks, build transparency, and market productive products to enable better corporate reputation. Learning all about Agile concepts, practices, and techniques helps you meet project targets within budget and time limitations. That’s the way to Agility.

Still wondering if ICP-ACC course will work for you? You can opt to get professional certifications from both the ICAgile and Scrum/org.