How to Put a Password on a Folder in Windows 10

Looking for the tools to secure your data? It is the concern of every user of Windows PC and even a user of shared computer is more concerned about it. If you are also one of the users of shared devices, your data can be secured if you put all of the files in one folder and set a password to protect it. Although, Windows 10 provides a very secure way to protect data, but you cannot follow the instructions if you are not an expert user. For a newbie, it can be done by using a third-party app. So, guys! Here is how to put password on folder by using a third-party software that is a short-cut to secure data in no time for sure.

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Folder Protector:

Although, a plenty of software are available for this purpose, but I would prefer Folder Protect that is quite easy and simple to use for all new users. Folder Protect is available in two different versions, but I would prefer its free version to secure my data. You have to follow the link to download this tool. It is not only for the security of a single folder. It can be used to secure a large data including a loads of folders and files. (Before using it, you should collect your data into one folder)

  • Once, you download it, there appears a window where you need to select the folder that contains your personal or important data.
  • It will show you the option to set a password. You should set a strong combination of alphabets and numeric keys. But it should be easier for you to remember it. Now re-enter the password in the box below and click “Protect” option.
  • Within a few seconds, it will show you a confirmation message that your folder is protected..
  • Now try to open the folder you have protected by using the icone “Lockdir” that appears in downloads. You can move it anywhere in any other drive. When you click this icon, it asks you to enter your password. As soon as you enter Password, you will have access to all of your files and sub-folders.
  • If you do not want to protect any folder or file, you can remove it from the list.

Hence, guys! That is how you can have a sigh of relief by locking and protecting your data in very easy way. This software does not only provide security to your folders, but also your hard disk and flash drive. Just transfer your important folders on flash drive and move this software to the Flash drive too. Put all folders in it and set password to open it. Your data is quite safe from the access of an unauthorized person by using it. Only you can access it.