How to Recover Data from a Damaged USB? Photos and Documents

USBs are generally the most commonly used as photo storage, however, with the growth of smart devices, more and more users are saving other types of data including office data. These storage media are quite prone to damage – what to do when it happens? The best option is to opt for USB flash drive repair service.

Such a situation can occur very easily – for example, by interrupting the power supply when the data is being stored on the card. The laptop or computer (or other device) then reports a malfunction on the USB, and in the better case it offers you the formatting.

If you really have very valuable data on your USB that you cannot afford to come by, then the best way to send a USB is to specialists who can get the most usable files. There are plenty of laptop data recovery specialists working on this issue, which are even able to recover data from your damaged disk or SD card courier.

However, the solution can also be to format the USB and then recover data via desktop software. If you are inclined to this option, you probably start with an internet search engine and soon find out that there are lots of utilities and applications to rescue data from storage media. If you risk releasing some of them, it will be another finding that they work really well – even on a formatted card they can find most of the lost files. Often, however, they specialize only in photos, so you will not be able to rebuild them with other formats.

Here, one thing is worth pointing out to one important thing – sooner or later experimenting with such apps will find that their producers are worst-off distributors of malware, viruses, and other malware that you do not want on your computer, or that programs are really functional, but immorally conceived in your access to the user – without being warned in advance, a vast majority of such applications will require you to pay a substantial license fee, but only after showing you the search and recovery hours that they found your lost files. Otherwise you can say goodbye to them again.

We can advise you on a handy and truly functional solution that is surprisingly completely free. The program is called PhotoRec, it works under a lot of operating systems, and besides having its authors acting fairly, and it works incomparably faster than those unrecognizable commercial alternatives.