Importance of Digital Forensics in Various Fields

Computer forensics is a means and method of soliciting, analysing and reporting on data stored in a computer system or a storage device in a manner that is admissible on legal means. It can be utilized by detection and prevention of crime and in any other legal issue where the proof is preserved digitally. Evidence can be relevant to a criminal or civil investigation, or as a documentary evidence in a private or a commercial setting. It is applicable in law enforcement as well as in investigations and can be used in private, commercial or institutional applications, all covered in the area of cyber security. Computer forensics pay heed to a similar method to other forensic fields and confronts similar challenges.

Cell phone Forensics

This department includes a variety of areas which comprise the recovery of the missing cellphone data and messages, the analysing and extracting the details from call records, analysing and extracting customer data and information from digital transactions, and detecting and removing the mobile hardware which includes spyware, ransomware, and adware as well.

Digital Forensics in Law Enforcement

Digital forensics have reached a new height and an important role in the law enforcement sector since the emergence of computers, mobile phones, and the Internet as it represents the largest growing resource for criminal perpetrators. As cyber-crimes provide a high yield and are relatively an opportunity that bears low risk, it doesn’t require any physical violence. Law enforcement agencies are fully indulged in curbing the deterioration of fraudsters, ransomware distributors, identity thieves, and others in the cyber-criminal environment.

Digital Forensics in Commerce

When it comes to commerce, companies utilize the best of digital forensics on a daily basis in order to resolve the cases which include industrial espionage, fraud, intellectual property theft, employment disputes, forgery, bankruptcy investigations and misuse of digital resources like email and internet usage in the workplace and problems related to regulatory compliance.


Anti-forensics is a risky strategy, as its tools leave traces of what the investigators have done on the perpetrator’s own system and other accessible systems as well.

Digital Forensics Experts

And last but not the least, as the assets and techniques involved in the cyber security department, there are many companies that provide digital forensics services like They are fully equipped with licensed private investigators with a licensed qualification via online resource