Join the Course for React JS Training: Best For Real-Time Applications

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When it comes to the creation of single page applications today, there are many technologies which support this. One among them is React JS, and it is much better and different than the traditional web development frameworks available for SPAs. Using the React JS library, it is possible to develop frontend applications since it comes with best features. Some of these are universal apps, data binding, component architecture, and declarative views. 

Zeolearn comes with best courses for the latest technologies. One among them is React JS training. The course covers fundamental as well as intermediate concepts. This will help them to build the best single page applications which can bring faster ROI in business. Due to this, it is possible to reduce the development and maintenance cost as well, and meantime one can also achieve faster accessibility. 

Objectives of React JS training

Every student will gain the best knowledge through the extensive course curriculum, and they will learn

  • Single page react applications, and they will also understand how this is different from earlier web development frameworks
  • They will learn to create applications using best language features like ES6
  • Develop applications from scratch through React 16 Training
  • They will come to know the usage and benefits of concepts like unidirectional flow
  • They will learn all popular libraries including Redux Saga, Redux, and React Router, and React
  • Using Redux Saga candidates will build redux middleware
  • Creation of presentation components by using styled components
  • They will learn the best debugging methods by utilising Redux dev and React tools
  • Learn to follow immutable state principles through making use of immutable.js library
  • Unit testing of all the components like Sinon, Enzyme, and Redux suing Jest
  • Try to reduce initial load times and achieve SEO benefits by implementing server-side rendering
  • There are features in Webpack blunder, and some of them are tree shaking, lazy loading, code splitting, and hot module replacement
  • Learn to create, deploy as well as build react applications for the cloud


Students or working professionals who want to enrol in this React Course must know JavaScript development. If they do not have any experience or knowledge on JavaScript development then, trainers here will pan to provide some intense course on JavaScript prior to beginning the course. 

There are few requirements for this course regarding software like Node>6, VS code editor, Google Chrome or any new modern browser, and any JS editor. 

Modes of courses:

The course is structured as per the candidate’s requirement. There are four types of course structures provided by Zeolearn. Based on the convenience of the candidate they can choose the course type. 

  • Classroom training is available which can be utilised by students and beginners
  • There is the option of online classroom training as well. This is useful for working professionals
  • One – to one training is also available which are designed as per the candidate’s requirement. These are exclusively structured and customised based on the candidate’s demand
  • There is an option for corporate teams, and this can be utilised by companies to upskill their workers