Learn the Importance of Photography in the Real Estate Market

For you to start thinking about the importance of photography in the real estate market, let’s tell a story: Joyce and Marcus are about to get married and are in search of the dream home. Neither so big nor so small, well located, in a neighborhood where there is easy access to commerce and public transportation. They want to live next to a good school since one of the plans is for the first child to come soon.

Since they both work all day, there is no time to visit the real estate and contact brokers. They need convenience, so they search the internet. In the first search, several real estate companies appear listed, and they begin to enter from site to site. But it turns out the photos are not so good. It is not possible to have an exact notion of the size of the environments, how is the state of conservation, nor can you imagine how they would feel there, and this bad picture can be fixed by a free photo editing on your part.

What happens with the consumer? Frustration. In the modern consumer buying journey, you need to surprise, convey emotions, make people feel attached to the property in some way. And how to do that? Through good photographs.

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Given the ease of access we have, with smartphones and tablets just inches away, there’s no denying that it’s really the fastest way to find what we want. However, you can have a great descriptive of is, almost no prospecting work for the broker. But how to take pictures that are really lovely? This can be done by;

  • Take Care of Lighting
  • Camera Quality
  • Think About Scenarios

Take Care of Lighting

Prefer to take pictures of the property on sunny days, where the outside brightness fills the environment. Pictures taken at night are influenced by the light of the lit lamps, compromising the quality of the final image, a windows photo editor can be used to fix an incorrect lighting

For environments where lighting is not so good, at the time of taking photos, bring lighting equipment that can convey the message you want to pass. Just do not fool the potential customer with wonderful lighting in an environment where there are no windows, for example.

Camera Quality

It is a fact that mobile phones are increasingly technological and have many features, but not always a photo was taken with a smartphone will be the ideal to present a property. Choose a camera with good resolution, semi-professional or professional.

If you are not good at taking pictures, the best thing to do is hire a photographer who can value the real estate and make reflect the importance of photography in your market. It is preferable to pay a specialist to do this activity than to miss a sale because your potential client did not like the photos posted on the internet.

Think About Scenarios

Instead of thinking about isolated photos without much sense, imagine scenarios. For example, you can take pictures of the front of the house adding value with a sample of the garden or playground.

To increase consumer interest in the property, take pictures that show the neighborhood as well. Playgrounds, squares, shops, schools, outdoor gyms value your property for the comfort and convenience they bring to the residents.

Inside, try to pass the vision that the new owner or tenant will have when accessing each environment. Show how the entrances are coordinated, such as the garage exit, the terrace, the window view, among other factors that may spark the imagination of those who are about to live in this new place.