Make Friends on a Social Network?

Since the beginning of humanity, men have understood the need to unite in groups of individuals, by affection and by interest. For this, they had to overcome many reluctances, and particularly the mistrust and fear of the other.

In the end, nowadays this necessity and these reservations are always present.

Our ancestors came together to form communities able to protect themselves from external aggression, and to help each other in their everyday lives. Our civilization through its institutions tries as best as possible to continue to take part in charge of this community solidarity (social actions, insurance, etc.).

The family sure does have a vital part in terms of solidarity and mutual aid. The family is also expandable, through unions it allows to widen its circle of relations to the members of the family of our spouse.

For the majority of us, childhood has to do with friendship, classmates, games. The world of work also contributes to broadening our relationship universe, through colleagues with whom we can form friendly relations.

But what happens when, at a certain period of his life, he finds himself far from his family, his usual circle, his previous workmates, his childhood friends?

Our instinct inherited from our ancestors then triggers us to attempt to reconstitute or integrate into a community. And since it is certainly not the feast of neighbors that will allow us to broaden our relational horizon, today we have the internet as an extraordinary vector to venture into relationships with people.

The Function of a Friendly Social Network

The part of a friendly network on the net is to put you in contact with other Internet users. To this end, it must allow you to choose from millions of Internet users, which ones with whom you are most likely to enter into relations for simple and cordial exchanges.

To allow you to choose, you must have the ability to access a minimum of information on sincere and objective criteria (location, interests, text presentation, photo, etc.)

On a global site like Instagram, where people can follower celebrities, business brands, upload visuals, it is also possible to make friends on this platform. It’s also possible to establish a fan base by posting contents on your page which is mostly visuals and getting likes from your followers. Free Instagram likes is also available for you to explore if you are a fame-driven folk. Numerous activities are available to keep you company away from your old friends and family. There are other networks like Facebook and Twitter where you also have the privilege to make friends.


Social platforms have given us another medium to meet people. So choose whichever platform that meets your need of making friends or making business ventures. Although friends made on social platforms are called virtual friends and might not be as our old friends, it could go a long way in easing lonely folks of boredom and even help depressed people meet new people and have a depression free life.