Photos VS Videos: What to Post More?

When you have an Instagram account and you want more likes and followers for free, the most confusing thing is to find out whether photos get more attention or videos. Until your confusion is solved, you are unable to understand what to post more. It is not that you can’t post both; it is just that you want to be sure about what you are posting; you want to be sure if your posts are getting the likes you deserve to get. After all, if your posts are getting more likes, there is a fair chance for you to get more followers too.

It does not matter if you are an old user of Instagram or have recently stepped into its artistic world, all that matters is you know what you are posting, why you are posting it and whether it is going to get you what you want or not. We understand what you are going through right now. If you have been taking videos of different things, and even yourself and your art, but you haven’t received a good amount of attention, you might be wondering what’s wrong.

We are here to tell you what’s wrong. The truth is that when it comes to people on Instagram, the photos matter more than anything else. Yes – you have to make sure your posts are more of photos, instead of gifs or videos. You may get a good amount of views for your Instagram video, but it is not necessary that you get the likes that you deserve or expect. When you don’t get the likes you want, you feel disappointed and thus, you have no motivation to post more stuff. After a certain period of time, everybody feels frustrated and lack motivation, if they aren’t getting the likes for their posts and the followers that they deserve.

This is where you can contact names that let you buy Instagram likes. When you know your post has some sort of power and it deserves to create some sort of awareness all around, you have to find a way to get the attention you want. The best thing to do is invest a few dollars, or pounds, and buy a few likes for that specific post. When your post has a good amount of likes already, it is easy for you to get more people to like it. We humans often have a tendency to go with the crowd. If your post has a huge amount of likes already, it is easy for people to give all the attention to it, because the crowd believes that there is definitely something good in the post since it has received so many likes. When the crowd begins liking your posts, some of them are bound to follow you.

So why are you wasting time in reading this more? Go ahead and buy a few likes for some of your Instagram posts and do everything you can to showcase your art or talent!