Reasons Why a Mobile-Friendly Website Toronto Design is Essential

Mobile-friendly website is a major factor to consider when building a website whether you are an online marketer, business owner, author etc. Mobile Friendly Website Toronto is designed to adjust automatically to the view of any mobile device be it a Smartphone, a tablet or a desktop computer. In other words, when a reader accesses your site on mobile the viewer does not have to manually adjust it.

Google has introduced a change in algorithms to rate mobile-friendly websites higher in rankings and penalize other that do not meet this standard with lower rankings.Image result for Reasons Why a Mobile-Friendly Website Toronto Design is Essential

Why the need for mobile-friendly design?

  • More than 60% of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices
  • Google is focused on giving mobile user a smoother and better experience. As a result, Google has set a standard and a benchmark for minimum requirement when it comes to delivering these results
  • Not having a mobile-friendly site means you have been losing out on a lot of clients and potential customers. This will not cease to occur unless you have a mobile friendly website Toronto. Sites that are not mobile-friendly offers a rather frustrating experience as they come with small fonts, thus necessitating the reader to enlarge the view over and over again.  Even if the site’s content were to be informative most online users would prefer to go to another site seeing that they definitely have a lot of options.

What then should you do?

Whether you meet with Google standard or not, it is important that you have a mobile friendly website Toronto because it helps improve your online presence. As a business owner you should be customer-oriented with the goal to satisfy your customers or viewer and having a mobile-friendly site is key to meeting this goal so that customers can learn about your product and/or services. Ensure to test not just your homepage but your secondary pages as well since these search engine robot will search your pages.

It is indeed essential that at this point you have a mobile-friendly website design Toronto. You could choose to make your site completely mobile-friendly that adapts to any device or you could create a standalone mobile-friendly website. However, Google is rather interested in one website one URL. It is indeed essential that your site is optimized for mobile devices because this helps increase the number of customers you receive. Mobile friendly website Toronto determines how users find your website on a search engine when looking for related products or services online. Mobile-friendly site is what matters now today.