Responsive WordPress Themes is Very Important

Choosing the best WordPress template for your blog or website is a very important decision to which you have to dedicate a lot of time to find the right one.

Because when starting an online project, either with a website or with a blog, it is normal to go through a few headaches to find the choices that best fit your tastes while offering the features you need especially when dealing with the big G. So if we can avoid a few of these problems it is better, right?

Of course, before starting with the content of the article, I want you to be clear that we are focusing on the WordPress Content Management System.

Responsive WordPress Templates for Your Blog to be Mobile friendly

2015 was the year of mobile-friendly for Google and so they have made public in their blog where they told us that websites that do not meet these usability criteria will be worse positioned at the time of their appearance on the search results page.

As we know now, many searches are carried out using mobile devices and our friend Google has realized this, and they have already been behind this issue for some time and some have already announced it.

Apparently, the time has come to take this announcement seriously as Google has taken it as a positioning factor as we said earlier.

In fact, all the webmasters in the world who have linked their sites from the Google Webmaster Tools received notices, called notifications of errors that are appearing on the websites they administer.

Based on this criterion, we can already see that the importance of mobile usability is started back in 2015.

On the other hand, many of the blogs around the world are created or use the WordPress publishing platform and best WordPress themes from Switzerland.

If this is your case, I would advise you to test if your site meets the mobile usability criteria indicated by Google.

How To Solve The Problem Of Your Website not Being Responsive

There are different options to solve these problems if your website is not responsive.

The simplest of all these options is to use responsive templates for your WP blog or also called themes.

This type of templates can be found in the official repository, or you can look for premium themes that meet this criterion, or you can check the Swiss WordPress templates.

Usually, all WordPress premium themes meet the mobile usability criteria so they offer a full guarantee that there will be no later problems of mobile-friendly.