Roles Played by Safe 4.0 Learners in a Company

Safe is the short form of Scaled Agile Framework. It is usually used by large computer based organizations that want to reap the benefits of agile methodologies which are designed specifically for them. Safe was first introduced in 2011 and since then there have been many upgrades and that has finally paved the way for Safe 4.0; which was introduced in January this year. Safe 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master certification has now become a very important part of any company’s search criteria and it helps a lot in maintaining a productive and friendly workspace.

Safe 4.0 and its changes

Safe 4.0 has brought forth a number of changes in the way this system works and these changes are aimed at upgrading the whole experience and dealing with whatever shortcomings the previous versions had. Value stream level is one of the most important changes, this is the new fourth level added to this iteration of Safe. Value stream lies between the Program and Portfolio levels and it is designed specifically for the larger organizations which have hundreds of people who are working on systems which are dependency-heavy. It is recommended that smaller organizations or which have fewer dependencies work with the previous three levels of Safe.

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Solution entity and what it means

Safe 4.0 is a culmination of a number of very thoughtful and well designed tools, Solution is one of those. It is designed to represent a product or a set of systems which are related to one another in some way; these produce a certain value for the end user which was impossible to reach with the previous versions of this system. Before Safe 4.0 was formed, Solutions were developed by people who were on Agile Release Train (ART), their outputs were managed by the product managers, release train engineer and the system engineer; but now the whole process has changed drastically. Now the Solution is delivered by a number of ARTs, not from just a single one; so the management is done by the Value Stream Engineer, solution engineer/architect and the solution manager.

The new roles in Safe 4.0

The new roles which have come forward in Safe 4.0 architecture are:

  • Value Stream Engineer- the work done by the VSE is a bit similar to that of the previous Release Train Engineer (RTE), except the fact that VSE coordinates and trains the ARTs in the Value Stream level.
  • Solution Manager- the main function is to manage the ARTs as they create the solutions
  • Solution Architect/Engineer- they have to be the technical leaders of the ARTs and enable them, they are focused mainly on the architectural foundations of the solution as a whole.

The supplier as a business partner

In this new Safe 4.0 model, the supplier is treated as a business partner and is openly welcomed as an ART into the Value Stream level. They take part in all the jobs which other ARTs have, take part in meetings and also help in developing solutions. Safe 4.0 Adavanced Scrum Master Training in Houston is highly recommended because that will help you in sorting out your targets and achieve them.