SpeedUpMy.net Explains How the Advent of the Internet Changed Our Lives



The entrance of the internet to the world market has opened new opportunities for millions of people on a global scale.

Here are the ways the internet completely changed our lives:

Social networking


The internet gave rise to the increasing visibility of people online. More and more people are opening and registering accounts on social media websites and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These social networking websites created a new way of socializing and interacting. It enables people to form groups, market a brand, start a campaign, pursue a common interest, spark a conversation, engage in social and political debates, and foster communication amongst existing groups. People use the chat and messaging functions, including posts, to remain in touch with friends, acquaintances, business clients, and famous personalities such as celebrities.

We can also see the growing interconnectivity of the world as the internet provided a space for global and international friendships to be formed, allowing us to connect with anyone worldwide. What is striking about this change is that even if a person does not personally know who he/she is talking to, the internet allows for him/her to feel an intimacy with a virtual being, sharing a relationship (albeit a mediated one), kinship or a bond that can be strong and deep.

World Wide Web


Extensive information became readily available to us due to the internet. Whenever people need to find out something, they immediately seek out the internet to find the answer. Thousands of people around the world use the World Wide Web to access news, weather and sports reports, for example.

Online shopping


We are empowered to buy anything from any part of the world because of the existence of the internet. Thousands of shopping websites exist nowadays. The most famous ones are Amazon, eBay, and Zalora. We can have anything shipped, making our life simpler and more convenient.

We also use the internet to plan vacations because there is a variety of booking websites and airline websites in existence today.



Another area that was severely impacted is our idea of leisure activities. The internet allowed for multiplayer gaming. These games permit people to create communities from different social backgrounds. No matter your race and age, multiplayer games are open to all people for those who are looking for a brand of recreation. Remaining anonymous in such games seems to be the norm. MMORPG, first-person shooters, role playing video games, online gambling and many other games allows people to keep their real identities a secret and create new identities online.

Another form of recreation that people likes to do on the internet is accessing and downloading music, books and movies to enjoy. The webenables us to distribute these on a broader scale, allowing us to share files and reach different demographics with just a click or tap.

The power that the internet gives us is limitless. These are just some of the ways the internet has changed our world. Check out speedupmy.net to find out more.