The Difference Between Single Side PCBs and Double Sided PCBs

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There are many different industries that use printed circuit board technology in their products and this is seen as something that is highly valuable in technology. Circuit boards are used in everything from mobile phones to aeroplanes and so you can already see why this is such a vital piece of technology. Within the PCB industry, there are both single sided printed circuit boards and double sided circuit boards and depending on what is being manufactured, one is normally more suited than another.

What Are Single Sided PCBs?

A printed circuit board is a piece of technology that will connect electronic components and these can be found in a wide array of electronic devices. The first type of PCB that you will find is the single sided printed circuit boards and these have conductive copper components mounted on one side and conductive wiring connected to the other side. These are simple and easy to make and they are very commonplace in many electronic items. This includes items such as radio equipment, camera systems, printers, calculators and so on so forth.

The Benefits of Single Sided PCBs

There are lots of benefits to using a single side PCB and they are considered to be a great choice for many of the different applications as mentioned above. One of the main reasons why these boards are so popular is that they are very cost-effective and affordable which is due to their basic design. Manufacturers understand this type of PCB and so it is a great choice. These boards are also not as complex and so during the manufacturing stage you will find that you have a lot less problems with them. This then means that you can produce these boards at a much higher volume and faster rate which is what those in the electronics and applications industry are looking for. Lastly, as most manufacturers will be placing big orders for this type of produce, they are often even more cost-effective as you can get them for a reduce cost.

What Are Double Sided PCBs?

A double sided PCB is similar to the single sided one, with the main difference being that there are two sided traces with a top and bottom layer. Traces can cross over each other on this type of board as they have conductive copper and components on both sides of the board. This can make them more difficult to produce but they are great for complex circuits which benefits from more advanced technology. You will find this type of board in items such as lighting systems, amplifiers, car dashboards and vending machines.

Benefits of Double Sided PCBs

You will find that there are plenty of fantastic benefits to using double sided PCBs. The first is that there is an extra layer of components meaning you can be more flexible with the design. Furthermore, they offer more space for demanding applications and being able to use both sides means that you can have a much smaller board which is cost-effective.