The Pros and Cons of Speed Cameras on Driver Safety

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Radar technology is used by speed cameras to detect the speed of moving vehicles. They are usually mounted on the surface of the roadway to detect the vehicles that are speeding beyond the posted legal limit. One they detect such vehicles, they are sensitized and they snap a photo of the car and store it digitally which is used to print the speeding ticket. This ticket is then sent to the office where the photographed vehicle is registered.

These cameras have been used to curtail the reckless driving of some drivers once they observe that the area they are passing through has a speed camera. However, there is still a debate on whether or not speed cameras promote general and driver safety. The National Motorist’s Association (NMA) frowns at the use of speed cameras due to some reasons but there are some general pros and cons of speed cameras; some of which includes:

Pros or Positive Effect of Speed Cameras

  • It instills discipline in drivers

Although many positive effects of speed cameras are anecdotal, still, it no doubt, instills some level of discipline in the minds of many drivers. The awareness that there is a roadway tracking system makes them cautious even in urban areas and school zones.

  • Random uncertainty

Once a driver frequently encounters speed cameras, it subconsciously makes them feel like there are cameras everywhere; even in urban and school zones. They assume thereby becoming careful not to fall victim of the law.

  • Situational compliance

Drivers tend to comply with the recommended speed limit once they become aware that they are installed in the area they pass through. They obey the speed limit and behave themselves to avoid being guilty of the law.

Cons or Negative Effects Related to Speed Cameras

Some organizations like the NMA oppose the use of speed cameras due to the following reasons

  • False reading

Sometimes the readings on the speed cameras can be incorrect and it becomes irrevocable once the tickets are being printed automatically. So, it is possible to pay for a crime you did not commit. However, choosing a good company for your speed cameras may be a good way to avoid this. A reputable one among them is

  • Slow speeds

There are usually road safety hazards when drivers drive so slowly because they are trying not to fault the law by driving too fast. This is especially experienced in areas where speed cameras are mounted.

  • No accuser

When the speed cameras give a wrong reading, it is impossible to confront it; no accuser, and this makes you not to exercise your constitutional rights.