Three Excellent Reasons to Mount Your Television on the Wall

A wall-mounted television is still a relatively new idea but the trend is a pretty smart one.  As it continues to grow in popularity—to become the industry standard—more and more people are going to learn of the great benefits to mounting a television on the wall versus setting it on a table or stand.  

If you need a little convincing, here are a few benefits that many people come to find go along with tv wall mounts.Image result for Three Excellent Reasons to Mount Your Television on the Wall


The bottom line: Optimal viewing angle is always eye level.  Those large old box televisions used to sit on the floor and, as such, their best viewing angle wasn’t even on the couch.  As televisions have gotten smaller and more efficient (though technology is making even the largest ones far more affordable these days), it has become more practical to put them on an entertainment stand that positions the screen at its best spot.

But even then, you have to be sitting directly in front of it—albeit a few feet away—for the best viewing angle.

With mounted televisions, though, you can choose where to position your furniture and where to mount the television. Furthermore, tv wall mounts are adjustable, and that means you can raise it higher from the ground, pull it out from the wall, and even tilt the screen to accommodate just about any position in the room.

SAFETY (Yours and Your Television)

Anything positioned precariously on a shelf or table always has the potential to topple over.  Accidents happen—and always when you least expect it—so wall mounts help you minimize this potential.  A falling television—even modern ones—can be dangerous to a toddler but any television that falls is always at risk for damage beyond repair.  Thus, mounting your tv on the wall ensures that there is very little risk for an accident that could result in personal injury or having to replace the tv altogether.


Mounting a television on the wall, too, allows you to take better advantage of the space in your home.  If it is not sitting on a shelf, for example, you can use that space for other things; or you could opt to omit the shelf altogether.  Having the ability to maneuver your television also gives you more options in terms of furnishings so you don’t have to limit yourself.