Top Applications to Sync Data between iPod Touch and Mac

If you have an iPod and at the same time you are Mac user, you can sync your data between the two devices though various applications. Generally, we have two common apps, namely iCloud and iTunes. However, these applications are not the ultimate syncing apps. Several other good applications are there, and they can be used for easy synchronization of media files between Mac computer and iPod Touch device. So, in the following section, we shall have a quick look on those applications.


  1. SyncMate

SyncMate, an app for Mac and iPod touch synchronization, is considered as the most advanced application for data sync. This powerful and user-friendly tool comes with many advanced features as well as options for data syncing. It actually mounts your iPod device on Mac disk, letting you to operate iPod right from your Mac computer. This is why the application is considered as so convenient and robust. Not just for sharing media files or multimedia contents, you can access text files, messages and various documents on your iPod touch device from Mac computer.

SyncMate does not work on the cloud framework. This means, it gives you more data security as well as privacy. Your personal data will not be stored anywhere, and thus there is lesser chance for inconveniences, like data theft, hacking, phishing, etc. For syncing iPod with Mac, it does not ask for iPod device reset. The application is safe, robust and highly effective to serve your purpose of data syncing.

  1. Syncios

Like SyncMate, Syncios is another effective tool for data synchronization between iPod and Mac. The application is outfitted with user-friendly interface, simple to understand features and robust functional aspects. With this application, you can get access to data like music files, videos, contacts, messages, documents, notes, calendar, etc. You can manage notes, various files and folders on your iPod Touch from your Mac desktop or laptop through syncios.

  1. BusyMac

BusyMac is often considered as one of the best applications for data syncing between iPod and Mac computer. However, sharing options are limited with this tool. That means it can suitably be called a narrow syncing app. You can access contacts, documents, eBooks and some other files of your iPod from your Mac computer.

  1. PhotoSync

The name justifies the purpose and functional aspects of this tool. It is yet another tool among various apps to synchronize Mac with iPod touch. It allows transferring photos from your Mac computer to iPod and vice versa.