What are the Best CMS to Build a Blog?

A content management system or CMS are the most prevailing pathway to construction and management of a website as they allow dynamic content creation. Choosing the best one in creating a blog is one of the root decisions that every blogger needs to take in the very beginning.

Choosing the best:

When the word best comes in, it brings with itself a huge number of calculations of pros and cons. Names like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Joomla , Drupal are some of the most commonly and widely used CMS options, in the present world of blogging. Their open source feature gives them their popularity as per each of their specifications. Their popularity is based on the more amounts of add-ons, plug-ins and extensions they can provide to a blogger in comparison to the other.   Image result for What are the Best CMS to Build a Blog?


WordPress has already made a name for itself since it’s easy to use features. It also provides a large number of plug-ins, add-ons and much more features that helps a blogger easily maintain his blog. Well, though it’s free to download it requires a registered domain. It comes both hosted and non-hosted forms. It supports blogs of all sizes and is suitable for all users as a minimum technical idea is enough for anyone to maintain it.


Blogspot as it was known to be before it got its name Blogger is a Google offspring. Creating a blog with this software is very user friendly but it has limited number of templates and thus the professional tough is missing. Blogger is good for new people who like easy blogging. Adding Google Ads is easy and thus one can do monetizing as well.


Tumbler is easy to use and maintain. Here posts need to be short which is quite preferred for today’s busy audience. In short it is a mixture of blogging and social media. But in no way it can be termed professional. The designing options are limited as well.


It has a large number of themes and free ad-ons that can be used to design a good professional blog. But the software is not much welcoming to new users. Creating a blog with Drupal is much recommended to users with a deep knowledge of web-designing and software-s. It can support huge amount of contents and so much popular for large websites. It is also known for its strict security.  


Most preferred by people who are planning to put-up an E-store! It has a huge user base but its SEO features are missing. Joomla is user friendly and also has several plug-INS and so a huge effort is not needed for installation.  Joomla has a huge number of templates and can be customized in several manners.  


It is very simple and honest blogging platform. It has its prime target of publishing the content in the most beautifully designed manner. It has the latest blogging options of social network sharing, split-screen editing, SEO optimization and many more.

Choosing the best CMS in order to build a blog depends on the target and idea of the blog itself. One has to consider all the pros and cons of each before choosing.