What are the steps to become a successful app developer?

What are the steps to become a successful app developer?

Developer of applications for mobile devices is one of the most popular modern professions. Application development is interesting, requires constant development of the personal qualities of the successful programmer, his or her self-improvement. At the same time, the profession is well-paid, with the possibility of working both in the international app development companies which specialize in developing mobile applications abroad and at home having own business.

The stories of successful mobile developers Matt Thompson (developer and designer in Heroku), Bayram Annakov (developer of top applications in the App Store: App in the Air and In Flow), Sergey Shapovalov (developer of applications for iOS and OS X) and many others show that for mastering this profession you don’t need a special higher education or long-term expensive investments: the most important quality is perseverance and desire to learn new things constantly!

Other qualities that are useful in perfecting yourself in the new profession include:

  • Curiosity. This quality allows you to be interested in the latest trends in order to stay one step ahead.
  • Ability to quickly learn new information is the basis for self-learning.
  • Flexibility of thinking which allows to quickly respond to the shortcomings which may arise in the development process.
  • Good taste. After all, just an uninterrupted operation of the application is not everything: if it hooks, takes into account the desires of users and has its own ‘schtick’, then the application will be successful.
  • Stress resistance. When you perform serious tasks, you will always be pressed by deadlines, requirements, their changes and restrictions of the ways. Accept it as a reality and do not let them disappoint you.

Everyone can experience the fear of changing circumstances, negative evaluation of work and first failures. You can overcome it only by taking a step forward!

Ground zero

What will you need to learn at the start? All specialists started differently. But they all agree on the most necessary things:

  • Buy the most powerful computer you can afford. Insufficient power capacities cause programs to run more slowly and makes you wait for the completion of processes and abandon useful tools that require a powerful processor.
  • Use Internet services for self-learning of the simplest things or attend courses under the guidance of an experienced programmer.
  • Program. This is a long way of trial and error, your evolution from writing a product using pieces of foreign codes to creating a comprehensible code of your own. Without constant practice, there is no advancing.
  • Whenever possible (the higher your level is, the more important it is!) visit the mobile application developers’ conferences (at least online): WWDC, YAC, NSconference.
  • Learn the basics of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Master the design patterns, application designers, with which you can create the first simple applications, using the experience of other programmers.
  • Master the creation of applications for Android, iOS: Windows Mobile iOS – Siri, for Android – ‘OK, Google’.
  • Learn how to debug applications.
  • Learn to work with the SQLite database.
  • liUse new technology libraries.

And, perhaps, the most important: do not stop!

Become a successful programmer!

To improve your level:

  • Do not be afraid of mistakes: be interested in everything that you have access to. Often understandable at first glance, things open tons of hidden meaning.
  • Learn new programming languages.
  • Read as many as possible of the codes of experienced programmers. This will help to improve your own skills.
  • Do not complicate simple things: perform tasks in stages, and the changes can be made at later stages, after having a ‘skeleton’ of the product.
  • Pay attention to the study of design, user surveys regarding their wishes and new trends.
  • Strive to become a perfectionist.
  • Write a lot of tests to verify the code: otherwise you will not be able to be sure of the quality of the product. Subsequently, learn how to develop through testing.
  • Automate everything that can be automated: do not waste time!

Which websites will be useful for a future developer?

  • developer.apple.com
  • developer.android.com
  • developers.google.com/groups
  • inspired-ui
  • stackoverflow
  • appleinsider.ru/developer
  • habrahabr.ru
  • pttrns
  • NSScreencast
  • And others.