What is Double Exposure Photography? How to Do It?

In the old times, when there were not DLSR cameras, a person used to take pictures using a roll of films. When one wanted to take double exposure photography, they had to take two pictures on the same frame. In SLR cameras, the same thing happened more accidentally, as one had to change to the next exposure manually.

The issue was that you might just approximate the result, as it was extremely hard to line up points exactly considering you could not see the very first framework while firing the 2nd, as well as you really did not have as much control over the mixing as you make with electronic.

Fast-forward a while, and then today you are with Photoshop. While these aren’t dual direct exposures in the typical feeling, the concepts at play coincide.

Today, it is easy to replicate a double exposure effect using Adobe Photoshop.

Let’s Find the ingredients First

Among these pictures will certainly need to be removed making use of a layer mask to ensure that the other picture you like can be clipped.

It’s an instance of utilizing the mixing settings, decreasing the opacity, and also various other shade results to create the wanted outcome. Relying on what photos that you make use of, trying out the various mixing choices to see which result in you such as the most effective.

How to Do It in Photoshop?

  • Select The Images that You Want to double expose
  • Then you need to cut from the background the subject matter.
  • Now you can add the second image, but adjust the Layer Blend Mode.
  • Make necessary adjustments of the image, like color, contract, and many other things.
  • And, then when you are done, your final image is ready.