What VPS Hosting is and Why You Should consider it

Virtual Private Hosting or VPS is the next step when a business has outgrown shared hosting. While shared hosting does have its advantages, it lacks the opportunity for growth that VPS can offer a business. To understand what VPS is, it is important to understand how hosting works. When you purchase a hosting package, you are paying for server that is joined to other servers at a data center. Each of these servers can hold hundreds of websites and when you purchase a shared plan, you share the server’s resources with many other sites.

This can pose performance problems for websites that require a lot of bandwidth. This is why it can become important to upgrade to a VPS plan where the website runs on its own virtual sever. Your website is still on the same physical server, but it is set up in a way that virtually separates it from others.

When Should You Consider an Upgrade?

For most websites and blogs, a shared hosting plan can remain adequate and useful for a very long time but for a business, it may come time for you to consider an upgrade, especially when you need additional resources to continue providing quality content. Aside from additional resources, VPS also comes with some benefits including additional data security and root access to tweaks.

Look out for the following signs that let you know it is time to consider an upgrade to a UK VPS;

  1. Your Website Traffic is Increasing

The first sign you need to upgrade is an increase of traffic to your site. Additional traffic means additional resources to handle the increased traffic and at this point you should start considering an upgrade.

  1. You Need Better Performance an Security

If you notice that your website is running slowly at peak times or you are concerned about the security of the data on your site, it is time to consider an upgrade to VPS. A VPS plan makes access to additional resources very easy and improves data security since you no longer need to share resources with other websites.

  1. You Need More Control

Shared hosting gives you limited access to the server and therefore limited control on what you can do. If your website has been running for quite a while now and you need technical freedom and control, a VPS package may be a better idea. That’s because it provides you with toot access that can allow you to install custom software and alter the hosting environment any way you can.

It may be slightly more expensive than shared hosting but VPS provides the right environment to control how you run your business and also provide optimum room for growth. If your website needs additional resources for optimized performance, VPS is the more ideal solution. There are some shared hosting plans that are unlimited, they still pale in comparison with VPS when it comes to benefits needed for business growth.