What You Need to Know before Buying Used Car?

The very feeling of owning a car is awesome and it does not matter if it is new or a used car. People in India are crazy about cars. The demand for used car is increasing day by day in the Indian market as the price fits the budget and cars are well maintained here. All the metros have good collection of used cars, but people prefer second hand used cars in Mumbai as all models are readily available, well maintained and cheaper when compared to other cities. Mumbai, being the busiest metro, always attracts car buyers to explore the used car market.

People from all over the country come here for buying used cars as the market is too big and most of the people buy used car and then modify them here itself. Used car customization and modification have also grown significantly in Mumbai. There is a rumour that modified cars from Mumbai are being used in the Bollywood industry for stunt and action sequences.

Here is some important information you should know before going for a second-hand used car in Mumbai.

  1. Get the car’s condition checked by a reliable mechanic. If the mechanic finds any minor problem, get it fixed before finalizing the deal. If any major issue is found, then it’s better to consider any other car.
  1. The next step is to verify all related documents like RC book, emission test records, and insurance coverage papers. If everything is okay, then proceed to the next step.
  1. If you are satisfied with the car’s condition, then it’s time to check the Registration Certificate. In order to transfer the RC, you need to fill and submit form no 29 and form no 30, which are available at the RTO office. The form has to be signed by both the parties and on submission you will be receiving a receipt within 20 days and within 2 months you will be receiving new RC book.
  1. Insurance transfer is one important thing to be done as soon as RC book is issued in your name. Insurance and RC should be under a single person’s name or else it will be invalid.
  1. Always meet the seller personally before doing any monetary transaction because recently lot of cases have been registered by Mumbai police regarding fraudulent cases in the used car industry.